Enter +1 outside Myanmar, and the curfew in Kayah State is extended for two months

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【Myanmar Chinese News】At 8 a.m. on July 15, the Ministry of Health and Sports updated the epidemic information, saying that on July 14, each health laboratory completed the testing of 1,736 samples and found one new case Increase the number of diagnosed cases. As of 8 a.m. on July 15, a total of 337 confirmed cases were found in Myanmar.

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As of 8pm on July 14, Myanmar was cured Of the 261 confirmed patients, 249 of them have been approved to be discharged and isolated in designated isolation areas.

The Kayah State government announced the extension of the night ban order for two months

【Myanmar Chinese News】The Kayah State government announced that in order to prevent and control the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, the night ban in Kayah State will be extended for another two months.

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The information released by Kayah State shows that all towns and districts in Kayah State have issued a nighttime ban. From 12 pm to 4 am the following day, people are prohibited from going out. According to the government’s instructions, the nighttime bans in various townships were extended for another two months from July 14. During this period, if the public needs to go out in an emergency, they can apply to the relevant authorities.

C-292 patient diagnosed in Sittwe People’s Hospital was cured and discharged

【Myanmar Chinese Network News】Rakhine State Health Bureau released news that confirmed patient C was isolated and treated at Sittwe People’s Hospital -292, two consecutive sampling tests showed negative results. Therefore, on July 13, C-292 was approved to be discharged from the hospital.

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It is understood that a total of 14 confirmed patients have been found in Rakhine State, 8 of which have been cured and discharged and the remaining confirmed patients are in stable health.

Deputy Director of the Public Health Bureau of Rakhine State, Dr. Sowin Bai, said that the confirmed patients who were allowed to be discharged from Rakhine State were treated in isolation at Dan Tau Hospital C-188; C-190 isolated in Dongge Hospital; C-234, C-244, C-247 isolated in Mengdu Hospital; C-250, C-262 isolated in Budidang Hospital, and Sittwe C-292 at the hospital.

Next, let’s focus on the news about the vaccine:

Thailand 1 A new crown vaccine will enter clinical trials in October

Thai Zhu Lalongong University The new crown vaccine R&D team announced on the 12th that a candidate new crown vaccine participated in the development of the team has successfully completed the animal experiments using cynomolgus monkeys, and will enter the first phase of clinical trials in October. Success is expected to be put into mass production at the end of the third quarter of next year.

According to local media in Thailand, Chiat, director of the Vaccine Research and Development Center at Chulalongkorn University in Thailand, said on the 12th that the new crown vaccine candidate developed by his team was Animal experiments were conducted on rhesus monkeys from May to June this year and achieved good results. If the Phase I clinical trial is going well, it is expected that the Phase II clinical trial will be conducted from December this year to March next year.

Chiat said that since the phase III clinical trial of the candidate new crown vaccine requires at least 10,000 volunteers to participate, Thailand will likely seek cooperation with other countries Carry out three phases of trials.

A new Australian crown vaccine candidate started clinical trials

Australia University of Queensland announced on the 13th that a new coronavirus candidate vaccine developed by the university has entered the first phase of clinical trials.

According to the press release issued by the University of Queensland on the same day, 120 healthy adults between the ages of 18 and 59 participated in the trial as volunteers. One part will be given two doses of vaccine, and the other part will be given a placebo. The subjects themselves did not know whether they were vaccinated or placebo. They all needed to pay attention to hygiene and maintain social distance in work and life. At present, the subject has received the first dose of vaccine.

One of the leaders of the vaccine research and development project, Professor Paul Young of the University of Queensland said that this new crown candidate vaccine developed based on the”molecular clamp” patented technology is pre-clinical The test performed well and was able to induce high levels of antibody production. The first phase of the clinical trial will further evaluate the safety of this vaccine and its immune response in humans.

He said that the research team is expected to get the preliminary results of a phase 1 clinical trial in about 3 months. If all goes well, the R&D team will enter the next stage as soon as possible, at which time larger-scale experiments will be carried out on people of different ages.