Entered Suzhou, TEDA”Family Relocation”

By yqqlm yqqlm

Tianjin Daily News (Reporter Zhao Rui Photography Cui Yueyong) yesterday was the last public training session of Tianjin TEDA. On the 20th, the team went to Suzhou to enter the competition area, where they will spend about two and a half months of”closed life.” For professional players who haven’t had a formal match for more than half a year, although it will be a bit boring in the future, it is always better than”stop production”. Guo Hao said happily in an interview:”Before the game, recording videos and making photos made us find the game, I am very happy.”

According to the distribution plan of the Chinese Football Association, Group B Last year, the top four teams in the league were in a separate dormitory building. TEDA was eligible to enjoy the”single villa” treatment in the group. They used the meeting room, gym, restaurant and dedicated chefs separately. The team has allocated a training field, which can be used by the team at any time.

This year’s league has registered 30 people for each team, of which 5 are foreign aid. If the number of foreign aid is not full, you can add 1 local player. In order to create a good atmosphere, all 32 TEDA team members went to Suzhou, many of them U23 players. TEDA’s support team is also relatively strong. The team doctors, team services, drivers, etc. add up to 40 or 50 people. In addition to the team-specific coaches driving to the competition area, they also transport training equipment, equipment and some daily necessities to Suzhou. The team training and life security are adequate. Moreover, the club’s top management will supervise the whole process, and it is probably not an exaggeration to describe it as”moving”.

This year’s league has a special system. The mid-stream team played the first stage of the game and entered the”championship group” to basically complete the task. The remaining games are routine. Group B is strong and weak, and TEDA has great hopes to fight for the top four of a group. In this regard, Guo Hao said:”After all, it is a tournament system, and the chance is relatively large. We treat each game as a final and try our best to play well.” For the beginning of the league, we encountered”hard stubble” such as Shanghai and Hong Kong. At the same time, Achimpon said:”No matter who it is, we are not afraid of the opponent to prepare for the game. We are familiar with each other, we have a chance in every game.”