ESPN:Messi dissatisfied with leaking news inside the team to pressure players in disguise

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Live broadcast on July 3, according to the Spanish radio station Sel, the Barcelona captainMessi has been suspended In order to negotiate the renewal of the contract with Barcelona, ​​and have plans to leave the team after the contract expires in 2021.

Message from ESPN reporter Moises Llorens confirms Messi’s approach to leaking information to the media inside Barcelona Dissatisfied, this practice makes the outside world think that Messi needs to be responsible for some major events that occurred in the club, such as the dismissal of the head coach Valverde in January this year, and his disappointment with the poor condition of the Barcelona team .

It is reported that Messi and his father Jorge have already begun to discuss with the club to renew the last contract signed since 2017, but now the players no longer hope that the renewal negotiations will go further. Neither the players nor the club responded to this matter immediately.

Messi, 33, scored his 700th goal in his personal career against Atletico Madrid on Tuesday, but this landmark goal ended in disappointment, Barcelona finally Draw with Atletico 2:2. This is the latest blow to the reigning La Liga champions. Following this Thursday’s Real Madrid 1-0 victory over Getafe, Barcelona have fallen 4 points behind Real Madrid in the La Liga title race this season. There are currently 5 rounds left in the league.

Messi, who has been known for his shy off-site image, has become more outspoken in criticizing the club in the past year. In January this year, Messi publicly questioned Barcelona’s technical director Abidal, arguing that Abidal had hinted that the players in the team were directly related to Valverde’s dismissal; in February this year, Messi said in an interview with”World” This Barcelona can’t win the Champions League; in April this year, Messi criticized the Barcelona board of directors for the financial difficulties caused by the epidemic. Players collectively accept a substantial salary reduction from the pressure.

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