EU leaders express hope to reach”Ambitious” free trade agreement with India

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(△Photo source from the official website of the European Commission)

European Commission Chairman Feng Delaine said on the 15th, The EU seeks to reach an”Ambitious” free trade agreement with India, although there is still some distance between the two parties to this goal.

On that day, the EU-India Summit was held in the form of a video conference. Feng Delaine said at a press conference held after the meeting that through such a high-level trade and investment dialogue as the summit, the EU hopes to make progress in reaching a free trade agreement and enhance the common interests of both parties.

European Commission data show that the total trade volume between the EU and India in 2019 reached 91 billion US dollars, accounting for 11%of India’s overall trade. According to a joint statement issued by the EU and India after the summit, the leaders of Europe and India agreed to further develop trade and investment relations, support the sustainable economic development of both sides and protect employment, and the two sides also announced a five-year roadmap for deepening relations . In addition, the two sides promised to strengthen cooperation in the fight against the epidemic of new pneumonia.