Europe opens, Canada comes to face:a comprehensive extension of the travel ban

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Italy’s Minister of Health:Isolation is required to enter Italy

From today (July 1st), citizens of 15 countries will be able to travel on the territory of the European Union, the control of the new crown epidemic in these countries, It is considered”sufficiently safe” by the European Union.

In response to this resolution, Italy voted in favor, while Sweden and Poland abstained. The 15 countries are:Algeria, Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, Montenegro, Morocco, New Zealand, Rwanda, Serbia, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia, Uruguay, China, of which the first 14 countries have been given a”green light” by the EU, China is a”yellow light” – only if China accepts EU citizens. The list of countries will be updated every two weeks, and based on pandemic data, the increase or decrease of open countries will be decided.

The United States is the country most severely affected by the pandemic, with 125,928 deaths and nearly 2.6 million deaths. The United States is excluded from the list of open countries. Brazil, Russia, India, Turkey, and Israel have been”red lights” like the United States. Residents of Andorra, Monaco, San Marino and the Vatican are considered residents of the European Union and are as unrestricted as Britain, which has not yet completed Brexit.

For those countries that continue to implement travel restrictions, EU citizens and their family members, long-term residents of the EU (residence owners), and family travelers with basic functions or needs will be exempted. Countries related to the Schengen area (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland) also agree to this resolution.

However, this decision is only a proposal made by the EU to its member countries, and it is not legally binding. This means that countries can still set restrictions on passengers entering the country from 14➕1 countries on the list, for example, Italian Health Minister Robert Speranza has ordered the quarantine of people from non-Schengen countries (that is, the entry isolation policy).

Canada announces extension of the comprehensive travel ban to face the EU

According to CBC, the Canadian federal government plans to expand the comprehensive travel ban, which prohibits all non-Canadian citizens or permanent residents from entering, including the ban Americans come to Canada for non-essential travel for at least one month.

Rebecca Purdy, a spokesperson for Canada’s Border Services Agency, said in a statement that the order was originally due to expire on June 30,”For public health reasons, the order Will be extended until July 31.”

Don’t come from Canada, due to Canada Or most of the permanent residents travel. As of March 31st, all personnel must provide contact information to the Canadian Border Service and the Public Health Department when entering Canada.

From March 21, the border between Canada and the United States has also implemented a limited”closed customs”, prohibiting”non-essential cross-border travel” for tourism and leisure purposes. The measure has been extended three times and will be implemented until July 21.

However, on June 8, Canada announced a moderate relaxation of the entry restrictions to meet the needs of family reunification. Foreigners who are Canadian citizens or immediate relatives of permanent residents can conditionally obtain an exemption from a restraining order to enter Canada.

The entry conditions for the above persons are that they have not been infected with the new coronavirus or have not exhibited the relevant symptoms, or have no reason to believe that they have been infected, and have lived with their immediate family for at least 15 days after entry.

According to reports, federal government officials confirmed that the Canadian government plans to continue to ban foreigners from entering Canada. It will not follow the practice of opening borders in batches, such as those with low infection rates or allowing Canadian tourists to enter. Priority for the country to reopen, etc.

The European Union announced that it will reopen the border to tourists from 14 countries, including Canada. The European Union also expects that the countries listed on the safety list will also lift the ban on European tourists, apparently faced by Canada…

It is also reported that the Canadian federal government will also extend the original June 30 Due to the quarantine regulations for passengers, passengers entering Canada must still quarantine themselves for 14 days to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.

According to the Quarantine Law, the maximum penalty for offenders is a fine of 750,000 yuan and/or imprisonment for 6 months. If someone deliberately ignores the consequences, violates the law, and endangers the lives of others, the penalty may even be a fine of up to 1 million yuan and/or imprisonment for 3 years. (Original title:[Italian newly added diagnosis 182 Lombard 109] Europe is open today, Italian Minister of Health:Entry to Italy requires isolation! Canada slapped the EU!)

Source:European Chinese Newspaper

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