Every celestial body in the universe is rotating in an orderly manner, so what is the universe around?

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Every celestial body in the universe is rotating in an orderly manner, so what is the universe around?

There are various celestial bodies in the vast universe. Each celestial body will operate in the universe according to its own operation mode. For humans, the universe is a very mysterious space, because the universe No celestial body is completely stationary, for example, some planets will revolve around the star, and the star will also work around the center of the galaxy. It can be said that if the celestial bodies in the universe do not rotate, the result of waiting for them may only be extinction, although the earth is always there. During the rotation and revolution, human beings live on the earth, but they cannot perceive that the earth is turning, but when people think about it from another angle, such as the night and day of the earth and the changes in the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn, winter and winter, from these perspectives, humans can actually easily You can notice that the earth is moving, and the moon is also holding our earth, like the guardian god of the earth, their rotation is like a night and a day, do you know? Unless they face destruction, they will continue to operate like this. Maybe you will be curious, since every celestial body in the universe is rotating, what is the universe around?

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For this, there are scientists Said that humans have measured the existence of the Milky Way a long time ago, and while still studying the Milky Way, it was found that the middle area of ​​the Milky Way is dark. Later, scientists called it a black hole. Because the black hole has strong gravity, in view of it The position in the Milky Way is like the position of the sun in the solar system. Therefore, many people have pointed out that the stars in the universe are orbiting this black hole. When scientists have done various researches, they have also shown that all celestial bodies are orbiting this. The rotation of the black hole has to be said that this rotation is very regular, and each of them is moving in the prescribed rotation direction. It is not difficult to find that if the rotation direction of the previous part of the star is clockwise, then the rotation of the other part will be completely opposite, which just shows that the Milky Way is always in a state of rotation, and this phenomenon is also perfectly explained. When scientists explored the universe, they found that the distribution of stars is extremely uniform. From these perspectives, human power is already very powerful. Unfortunately, even so, the current human capabilities are still very limited. To know that humans can currently observe The universe is about 93 billion light-years, which is just the tip of the iceberg for the universe, and we know nothing about the universe beyond 93 billion light-years.

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Have you ever seriously considered such a question? According to the principles of cosmology, human beings know that there is no center in the universe. From another perspective, this means that any place is a center. If you must think that the universe has a center, that is, first you need An observable edge, or a certain shape, but the universe has not found an edge so far, because the results observed by humans through the speed of light are extremely limited. It’s not an exaggeration. Generally speaking, human beings are more inclined to imagine a center of the universe. After all, many scientists agree that the universe was about 13.7 billion years ago. There was a singularity that was a hundred times smaller than water molecules. An amazing big explosion occurred. As a result, contemporary science also believes that the singularity created everything in the universe. After the singularity exploded, it began to gradually expand to the surroundings, thus forming the universe. Perhaps you will point out, is the singularity the absolute center of the universe?

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Actually not necessarily In this way, in simple terms, it is like a person starts to blow at the mouth of the balloon. When the balloon is inflated, you will find that any point on the balloon is the center point, do you know? Some scientists once pointed out that there may be another space outside the universe. This is what the scientists often say about the parallel world. It is worth noting that this parallel world does not intersect with the human world, and does not interfere with each other. Or that there is a parent universe outside our universe, and our universe is just one of the child universes of the parent universe. They may have been formed by an explosion in the parent universe, such as a black hole explosion? Or other events that humans cannot understand. At this point, you may be very confused, where is the center of the universe?

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If we look at it by throwing a brick at a point, we can think about it. Suppose humans ignore the decimal point of π and then find out its center number. Can humans really do it? It can be said that π is the code of our universe, and some people think that the end of science is theology. Many great scientists and philosophers have finally become advocates of theology. These people include the two greatest science masters, that is, Einstein and Newton. Many people know that both chose to believe in the existence of God in the last ten years of their lives. So, does the omniscient God really exist?

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Next, we might as well Let’s take a look at some of the universe’s data. For example, the pi is an infinite, non-cyclic decimal, the gravitational constant is a fixed value, and Planck’s constant, the speed of light, etc. All these data form the basis of the universe where humans are, and gravitation Let the movement form between the celestial bodies, the periodic table also tells that there is a connection between the various elements of human beings, all of which seem so perfect, because it is all these basic data and architecture that built this gorgeous universe , People can not help but wonder, are these really just coincidences? In the past few decades, astronomers have discovered that light will bend along a huge and invisible mass, and every galaxy is surrounded by this mass. They believe that the matter is composed of dark matter, which cannot be seen by humans. There is also no way to touch it. There are about billions of dark matter particles per second passing through the human body. It can directly pass through the solid world as if it does not exist.

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​In fact so far Scientists also failed to detect the existence of dark matter. As for the reason, some scientists have made the following conjecture and showed that dark matter has no charge. It is composed of particles and weighs like particles of ordinary matter. The difference is that they will not be affected by nature. The influence of the basic force of the dark matter may not be able to detect the electromagnetic force and weak nuclear force at all. If it is true, it can be said that when it is in contact with our world, it is like a large tennis racket through which white sugar passes through the gap. There will be any interaction, if this is true, it means that our universe will be divided into two worlds, one is the physical world, the other is the unimaginable dark matter world, for each other, both are always Nothingness.

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