Explicit! Trump responds to UK ban on Huawei:I advise

By yqqlm yqqlm

On July 14, local time, at a press conference held in the Rose Garden of the White House, Trump not only announced that he had signed the”Hong Kong Autonomy Act” and interfered in China’s internal affairs, he also responded to”the United Kingdom banned Huawei” and declared that” We persuaded many countries not to use Huawei, most of the time I persuaded”, and”The UK (finally) made a decision”.

According to the”New York Times” report, Trump also said at the press conference that the United States is targeting Huawei”because we think this (using Huawei) is a security risk…if they (other countries ) If they want to have business contact with us, then they can’t use Huawei.”

Trump’s explicit speech Earlier, US Secretary of State Pompeo said “welcome” to the British decision. In its statement, it claimed that”Welcome to the British plan to ban Huawei from participating in future 5G networks” and”(This) is essential for transatlantic security and prosperity.” As a result, on social media, Pompeo was directly replied by netizens that”It is not China but the United States that really monitors other countries”,”(The United States) uses Facebook to monitor people”, and”I don’t like China to surpass them in technology.” Regarding the United Kingdom, some netizens said,”The United Kingdom is no longer an independent country with independent influence. It”kneeled down” to listen to the words of the United States.”

Another netizen wrote:”Pompei Oh, let me tell you a secret. The British are actually fooling you. They will phase out Huawei 5G by 2027, right? But by then, Huawei’s 6G will be launched, and the British will smoothly transition to the latest Technology. Get everything back to the original point.”