Exposure to Lin Dan Zhang Jike’s views do not quarrel with the program, Zhang Jike actually said that Lin Dan does not understand competitive sports?

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Recently a new variety show with the theme of sports competition is being broadcasted by sports stars Zhang Jike, Lin Dan, and Fu Yuanhui served as sports leaders. Because of the youth, sunshine, and passion of the show, the program was highly anticipated by the audience. But recently, some netizens broke the news that Lin Dan and Zhang Jike had a quarrel due to disagreement during the recording of the program, which caused a heated discussion among netizens.

Source:Douban Group

According to netizens, Lin Dan felt that young people were just impulsive in the show. According to the outgoing video, Lin Dan said:”You are not impulsive, when will you be impulsive?” &34;

Source:Douban Group

< p>Lin Dan’s view was refuted by Zhang Jike, who said that Lin Dan did not understand the cruelty of competitive sports. He feels that the most important thing in competitive sports is to win, not to lose the opportunity to move forward because of the impulse.

Source:Douban Group

Then Lin Dan refuted Zhang Jike again, saying that he understood the competitive sports as:”You beat me many times, I want to beat you once.” &34; Due to their different views, the two were arrogantly cross-eyed, and the smell of gunpowder on the scene was full.

Source:Douban Group

The quarrel caused by the disagreement also caused the outside world to speculate that the relationship between the two was inconsistent, causing netizens to debate. Some netizens said that the two just expressed their views and discussed their views, without too much interpretation, and some netizens guessed that it was the effect of the program.

Lin Dan is a very famous badminton player in China. In his career, he has won many championships and is the first slam player in history to combine all badminton championships. He is well-deserved &34; badminton one brother &34;. July 4, 2020, officially retired.

And Zhang Jike is a famous Chinese table tennis player, professional In his career, he has won many championships. He is the seventh Grand Slam player in the history of ping pong and the third Grand Slam player in the history of Chinese men’s ping pong.

This quarrel may really just be two very passionate about sports Netizens do not have to do too much interpretation on the collision of opinions between sports athletes. I believe the relationship between the two is still very good.