Failure to comply with epidemic prevention measures 12 foreigners including 1 Chinese woman deported from Singapore

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Aviation News 12 foreigners, including a Chinese woman, were deported from Singapore due to non-compliance with anti-epidemic measures and will not be allowed to enter Singapore in the future.

Singapore Police Force and Immigration and Checkpoint Bureau issued a joint statement on July 13 announcing that 12 foreigners did not comply with the safety distance due to violation of the regulations during the implementation of the new crown virus blocking measures. From April to 7 this year He was deported one by one between the months and was not allowed to return to Singapore.

Singapore Immigration and Checkpoint Bureau also announced the deportation of 12 people The identities are nine men and three women.

One of them is a 23-year-old Malaysian man, Arvinish N Ramakrishnan, who is a work permit holder, he invited friends to drink at home on April 18 this year, and then ride the electricity Bike to send friends home. They encountered a temporary inspection on the road, and the alcohol test results showed that his alcohol content exceeded the standard. Avinis was subsequently charged with drunk driving and violating the COVID-19 (Provisional Measures) (Control Order) Regulations 2020. According to the statement, he was fined S$4,000 (approximately 20,000 yuan) after pleading guilty, and the work permit was cancelled after conviction. Avinis was deported on June 5, and will be banned from entering Singapore in the future.

The other woman was expelled from the Chinese woman Cheng Fengzhao (Transliteration, 37 years old). On April 19 and May 5 of this year, she twice let a Singaporean Feng surname man enter the residence, providing massage and masturbation services. During the anti-vice operation, the police arrested her in an apartment unit on May 5. Since the man was allowed to enter her residence twice, under the COVID-19 (Provisional Measures) (Control Order) Regulations 2020, she was accused of allowing another person to enter her residence without proper reason. Cheng admitted her crime and was fined S$7,000 (about 35,000 yuan). Her work permit was revoked after being convicted. She was deported back to China on June 10, 2020 and was prohibited from entering Singapore again.

According to previous reports from Lianhe Zaobao, Cheng Fengzhao faced two Convicted of COVID-19 (Interim Measures) Order. She holds a work permit and was supposed to be a waiter in a restaurant, but she did not report to her when she arrived in Singapore. Instead, she advertised online and provided massage and masturbation services in a rented apartment for 100 yuan each time. She was deported on June 10 and will no longer be allowed to enter Singapore.

The remaining 10 people who were deported were all of Indian nationality. 10 men and women were charged after the unit held a”reading party” and all of them were deported.

Avinash (27 years old) living in a shop on Jinji Road , Avinash Kaur), Shah Jadif Star (21 years old, Sajandeep Singh) and Nadif Star (20 years old, Navdeep Singh) on May 5, from the morning, 7 friends were allowed to enter the house, these three guests Accused of allowing others to enter their place of residence without a valid reason. Seven other people were accused of violating Article 6 of the COVID-19 (Provisional Measures) (Control Order) Regulation 2020 to prohibit social assembly.

Singapore Police Force and Immigration and Checkpoint Bureau reiterated the threat of the epidemic Still severe, the authorities will take severe sanctions against any offenders who do not comply with the safety distance measures, including the cancellation of visas and permits.