Fame:Looking at the performance of Klopp and Suo Shuai, the club should give coaches more patience

By ddzyx

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live it July 2 hearing Liverpool famous star McManaman said he thinks the Premier League club should give coaches more patience and time, he said Klopp has proved himself, and Solskjaer is also on the road to success.

When told that Klopp is already one of the longest-serving coaches in the Premier League today, McManaman said:”I think this is the case It’s actually a shame, because every team should work with the head coach longer.

“I have always asked the club to be patient, even as a commentator, I I also don’t like to see a team recruit and understand employer coaches so quickly.If coaches can only work in their positions for 8 months, how can they stabilize the situation, and Laying a solid foundation for the team?

“From the first day, Klopp has gained the trust of the club. He carefully studied the history of this club before coming to Liverpool, He also got time from his boss, but more importantly, the team he leads has improved every year. Every year, he is working hard to lead Liverpool to achieve his goals, and the players know that this is a long-term Process.”

If you look at Solskjaer, you will find that some of the criticisms he suffered before are unpleasant, but you can see He has been working hard, you can also see his efforts are bearing fruit:Pogba and Bruno combination The more you look at the more greedy people, Marshall and Rashford are getting better and better. With two or three major signings, they can once again become a strong team that can compete for the championship.”

“We need to be more patient with the head coaches, as long as they can bring the correct spirit and ideas and the right football style to slowly add to the team, I think this is the right way forward. You need to give them more Allow them more time to play their magic, and Klopp obviously did it.”

“His work is very good, he has led the team twice into The Champions League final and fulfilled the club’s dream for many years. We always talk about Zidane and always talk about Guardiola, always talking about Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​it may be time to talk more about Klopp and Liverpool.”