Father, son, mother and daughter don’t look like much. The three generations of grandchildren used a face to dominate the family genes.

By ddzyx

We often say that many children and parents are like copy-and-paste. Even if they don’t know, as long as they see them, they can judge their relationship, because they look so similar.

But it doesn’t matter if the father, son, or mother and daughter look alike.

QI Wei Debuted through the talent show, and has been smooth since then. He has appeared in both albums and TV shows, and has recently become the darling of variety shows.

Her appearance is very beautiful, the whole person has a super aura, and she has always been at the forefront of fashion in dressing and dressing, which always makes people shine.

However, the most enviable thing is that she has a very cute daughter, lucky. When she saw her daughter at first glance, people all had the same consciousness, that is, the mother and daughter looked almost the same. , Lucky is the mini version of Qiwei.

However, when you see Qi Wei’s mother, I believe everyone will make another burst of exclamation, The three generations of grandchildren and grandchildren are very similar in appearance and appearance, and even the movement of eating ice cream is no different. It is really too generous.

Of course, when it comes to the three generations of the most similar grandchildren, then Chen Peis and the Feng Gong family are definitely on the list.

Chen Peis is a sketch actor that everyone likes very much. At that time, his interpretation brought countless laughter to the audience. Chen Qiang’s father, Chen Qiang, is also an old actor. The two look very similar. know.

Now Chen Peisi’s son has also embarked on the sketch road. Surprisingly, His appearance is exactly the same as that of his dad and grandpa, which is simply copied from a template.

Feng Gong’s sentence&34;I want to die you&34;, Can bring countless beautiful memories to the audience.

He is a very well-known cross talk actor in China. He has a face that is not handsome but very iconic. He is not only very similar to his parents, but also like his twins. There is no difference to the facial features.

If you look at Feng Gong’s son again, you can’t help but let out a sigh of emotion:It’s the same face of a family, it’s like people can’t be picky.

Have to say, dominate the family genes. The power of genes is too strong. Its inheritance from generation to generation makes people feel its infinite charm.

What aspects of the parents will be passed on to the children?

1, facial features

The inheritance of facial features, especially the eye part, is dominant inheritance, which means that its heredity will be more obvious.

If the parents have a pair of big eyes, then the chance of the child being a big eye is very high, if the child can have a pair of double eyelids at the same time, then the child is most likely the high eye double eyelid Yan value boys or girls.

Of course, 1/1/16 may be single eyelid small eyes, but this probability is still relatively low, so the genetics of the eye are relatively speaking obvious.

2. Baldness

Sometimes we jokingly describe someone as smart Extremely, in fact, no one wants to be bald, but baldness has a certain inheritance, and it is passed from male to female.

If it is a boy, when their father is bald, the child may also be bald after growing up, and the probability will be relatively high.

When both dad and grandpa are bald, the possibility that the boy is bald can even reach 100%.

3, height

Now Parents not only care about the child’s face value, but also care about the child’s height.

Tall children always have certain advantages. Generally speaking, 70%of children’s height is inherited from their parents, of which half are inherited. So when the parents are tall, the children will not be short.

But If one parent is tall and the other short, then the child may integrate their height, It is neither too tall nor too short.

In fact, in addition to many aspects of parents, including IQ personality and so on are likely to be passed on to children, but there are many things that can be changed through acquired efforts.

So don’t give up at any time to make your life healthy, maybe everything will be different.