Fight back! China announces equivalent sanctions against the US, releasing three major signals

By yqqlm yqqlm

US President Trump has always been a capricious person, especially in his attitude toward China. The Trump administration often provokes China for no reason on the international stage, but even so, China will never be afraid.

The United States provoked China for no reason, What is the intention?

Holding the banner of human rights to interfere in other countries’ internal affairs is a common tactic in the United States. As for China’s internal affairs, the United States also appears to be particularly concerned, whether it is in Taiwan, China, or in Xinjiang, Tibet, China. There are American forces behind it. This year, the United States ignored the mainstream public opinion of the international community and signed the so-called”Xinjiang” draft into law.

The so-called bill of the Ministry is actually an act of interference in China’s internal affairs. The United States intends to find support through domestic laws for the subsequent improper conduct, and then “reasonably” interfere in China’s internal affairs. Still determined to do it.

On the 9th of this month, the United States announced that it imposed visa restrictions on a Chinese government agency in Xinjiang and four officials under its so-called domestic human rights law. This is a common trick in the United States, and the international community has long seen it.

China’s tough response, counterattack In the end

In response to the United States’ unprovoked provocation, China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Zhao Lijian responded at a regular press conference recently that China will also implement equivalent visa restrictions for some U.S. officials as soon as possible.

On the 13th of this month, Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Hua Chunying Hua Chunying said that The act seriously interferes in China’s internal affairs, seriously violates the basic norms of international relations, and seriously damages Sino-US relations. China expresses its firm opposition to this and strongly condemns it. In response to the wrongdoing of the US, China announced equivalent sanctions against the US, and also released three major signals

Three signals are clearly visible

First of all, China’s legitimate defense is reasonable. The incident was completely intentional by the United States. The United States forcibly interfered with China’s internal affairs despite the international norms. China will never swallow the rude behavior of the United States. On the contrary, it must impose corresponding sanctions. For China, this is not only a defensive act, but also shows the dignity of the country. China’s sanctions against the United States are legitimate and consistent with the basic principles of international law.

Secondly, China does not cause trouble and is not afraid of things. The slogan”China does not cause trouble and is not afraid of things” must have been well understood when the United States conducted a trade war with China. However, this is not just a slogan. China has always used actions to show that China will not take the initiative to provoke disputes, but if other countries intend to provoke incidents, China will accompany them to the end.

Finally, in response to changes in Sino-US relations, China has become more calm. For the unjustified sanctions against the United States this time, China responded decisively and imposed equivalent sanctions, but China’s move did not show rush. In the face of unprovoked provocation by the United States, China behaved more calmly. This is not only the confidence brought by deep cultural heritage, but also the confidence brought by economic development.