Finished with sunscreen? After-sun repair is more important, three tricks teach you how to”save” after-sun skin

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The summer is about halfway through. The temperature and the sun this summer really did not disappoint everyone. The super strong ultraviolet rays make the skin difficult to eat. To be honest, if you stay in the sun for a long time, you will inevitably encounter the problem of post-sun damage. At this time, post-sun repair is especially important.

We often say that for skin care, always Prevention is greater than repair, so it is more important to prevent sunburn than to repair it after sunburn. If sun protection measures are not taken, the skin will be directly affected by ultraviolet radiation. Over a long period of time, the skin tissue will be damaged, the stratum corneum will be damaged, and the skin barrier will be damaged.

But many little sisters think that every time they go out, it’s good How do you still get sunburn when you apply sunscreen? In fact, our skin is not as strong as you think. Not only is it polluted by air, but also exposed to ultraviolet rays, so the skin is actually very fragile. If you accidentally sunburn, you can’t just let it go and take appropriate measures. Way to fix it immediately.

If sunburn occurs after sun exposure, then It should be noted that concentrated skin care such as facial masks, basic care, exfoliation, whitening, etc. must not be done to alleviate discomfort from the red tropical zone. This not only does not relieve the skin symptoms, but also causes more damage and irritation to the skin, so only skin care steps need to be simplified in skin repair, the most important thing is to strengthen the keratin repair and soothe the skin barrier. But with different degrees of sunburn, the repair methods are different.

·Mild sunburn

When the skin begins to suffer from dehydration and dryness, the temperature of the skin rises and there is a slight fever feeling, The skin loses its luster, you may feel nothing, but this is the symptom of mild sunburn. At this time, the skin has been slightly damaged. If you do not pay attention, it will easily cause inflammation. If you encounter relatively fragile skin, the skin will have more problems, such as increased sensitivity of sensitive muscles, and acne.

· Moderate sunburn

Many friends who work outdoors or play on the beach have encountered it. After playing for a while, the sun is in the crematorium. After a day of sunburn, the skin will burn and tingle, and the tingle will be felt slightly. Pain, skin dehydration and tightness are particularly noticeable, especially on the face. Although there were no wounds, it still felt painful when touching the skin.

At this time, the skin sebum film has been affected to a certain extent Damage, at this time, you must first cool down and soothe the skin, and then rehydrate it, or it will aggravate the skin damage, and a series of problems such as sensitivity will become more and more intense.

·Severe sunburn

Two cases will occur after severe sunburn, one is peeling immediately after sunburn, the other One is the situation where there is only redness on the surface. In this case, the illusion of recovery occurs, but in fact a few days later, it begins to slowly peel.

Skin peeling after sun exposure, or even erythema, edema, blisters, or rashes in the form of rashes, etc., all indicate that the skin has experienced the most severe sunburn. Skin must be first aided at this time, otherwise it is extremely difficult After recovery, if the situation is serious, you can also go to the hospital immediately, especially if you have already suffered from heat stroke.

Scientific restoration is required in a step-by-step manner, The first step calms and soothes; the second step repairs the barrier; the third step skin whitening.

The first step to calming and soothing is to stop the sun exposure. When you feel a burning sensation in the skin, you should first go to a cool place to rest as soon as possible. Then add water, not here for everyone to immediately use skin care products or mask, but drink water first. Exposure is not only uncomfortable for the skin, but the body also loses some water. Drinking more water can relieve the skin and the body.

After calming down, spray the face with distilled water, You can apply a cold towel to your face or a moisturizing facial mask to apply cold compresses. Cold compresses can calm your skin quickly, but you should pay attention to that you must not apply ice! After the sun exposure, try not to use all kinds of essence cream repair products. Although they are good products, these repair products are intended for sensitive skin, not when the skin is damaged. Therefore, it is best to use refreshing products such as gel and gel at this time, and then use restorative products after the skin damage has been reduced or even completely cured.

The second step is to repair the barrier, during the skin repair period, Excessive use of cleansing masks or exfoliating products will not only have no effect, but will also cause great irritation to the skin, so it must not be excessively cleaned at this time.

In addition, don’t think that the mask is a tonic for the skin. Many girls especially like to use a mask to repair the skin after sun exposure. After sun exposure, the skin is at a sensitive stage. Frequent use of the mask is not only unstable. The skin, on the contrary, will make the skin more fragile under the condition of excessive hydration, and the protection of the stratum corneum is lower.

In addition, the most important thing is To reduce the use of chemical sunscreen. Many people will feel that since they already have the experience of sunburn, they must have adequate sun protection. However, sun protection is not limited to the application of chemical sunscreen, the use of hats, umbrellas and other physical sunscreens is more suitable for post-sun repair periods .

The last step is to whiten the skin of each person, At this stage, the skin has been well repaired, so whether it is external whitening or oral whitening, the problem is not big.

Intimate contact with the sun &34; there are certain risks, so &34; intimacy &34; must be adequately prepared for sunscreen before, whether it is chemical sunscreen or Physical sun protection is very important. If redness damage occurs due to accidental sunburn, it is necessary to do a good repair work in time to repair the dead sheep.