Foch says the White House has no right to dismiss him:if asked to leave, he will voluntarily resign

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Foqi was interviewed by the fashion magazine”Youjia Illustrated”. (The picture is cut off from the magazine website)

Overseas.net, July 16thAnthony Fauci, the US”anti-epidemic captain”, said on the 15th that he plans to continue to serve as the White House New Crown Virus special team until he felt that his role in the group was not valued by Trump.

On the same day, Foch stated in an interview with the fashion magazine InStyle that as long as he felt it was useful and received due attention in the anti-epidemic group, he would continue to act The role of the epidemic group, and the White House also hopes that he will continue to work; if any of the above changes occur, he will resign from the group. Fudge said that he currently has no plans to withdraw from the group.”In the near future, I will not see any sign of termination of my role, because I judge the length of my career based on my energy and efficiency.” Said that the White House has no right to determine the role of the New Corona Virus Special Team, nor to dismiss him from the position.

According to reports, the White House recently tried to destroy Fawchi through a memo, which detailed his”wrong” statement about the New Crown Epidemic. In this regard, Foch called his relationship with the US President”as usual”, but”no more meetings with him”, the two had to pass the vice presidentPence make indirect contact. However, in addition to the memorandum reported, some administrative officials, including Dan Scavino, deputy director of the White House Office of Communications, also publicly criticized Fudge. President Trump himself has repeatedly criticized Foch, calling Foch a”good man”, but he”made many mistakes.”

In an interview with the”Atlantic” monthly magazine earlier on Wednesday (15th), Fauci described his smears as”grotesque”. Fuch said:”I can’t figure out why they did this. I think they now realize that this is not a wise choice, because it will only have a negative impact on them.”

In addition, Foch also He told Youjia Pictorial that he did not regret any comments published earlier during the pandemic that might conflict with the information he now conveys, including the recommendation to wear public protective masks; The information on the virus has increased, and the guidelines for the fight against the disease have also changed.”When we are obviously infected, such as asymptomatic carriers transmitting the virus, this situation clearly and strongly indicates that we must wear a mask,” Fuch added. (Overseas website Hou Xingchuan)

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