Focus on care! Sun Minghui scored 19 points, 7 assists and 3 steals in 42 minutes and was fouled 11 times

By yqqlm yqqlm

Live broadcast July 16th Guangsha 97-104 lost to Guangdong, stopping three straight victories.

This campaign Sun Minghui played the longest 42 minutes and 37 seconds in the game, 12 of 5 in the game (three points) 4 of 1), 8 of 8 free throws, scored 19 points in the defense of Guangdong defender group Zhao Rui, Hu Mingxuan, Xu Jie Rebounded 3 steals and sent the highest 7 assists in the game. He was fouled up to 11 times.

Colliding with the defense and sending out a fairy ball

Returning the overtaking layup 2+1

The sharp breakthrough is again 2+1!

Distribution of cakesHu Jinqiu

A three-point vacancy is a steady hit< /p>

Emergency stop jumper and make another two points

(Fat head ghost)