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In the past few days, it has been affected by heavy rainfall in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River

The water level of the Yangtze River continues to rise

Wuhu City, Anhui ProvinceFanchang Zhanghe,

Overall warning water level of the Huanghu River and other rivers within the county

The levee is urgent and prosperous Urgent

Moment of Crisis

After receiving an order from a reserve brigade of the Air Force in the Eastern Theater

quickly maneuver to Fanchang Countyheavily affected

Qingdaxu District of Digang Town

The rally number of flood fighting and emergency rescue was sounded


The chief of staff mobilized.

The officers and men as a whole lined up for the expedition.

The team is ready to go.


Disasters are commands, time is life.

After a brief and powerful mobilization, the troops rushed to the front line of emergency rescue under the leadership of political commissar Hou Tiejun. After arriving in the danger zone, the commander understands the disaster situation on the spot, docks with the resident government’s plan, and immediately starts emergency rescue work.

The officers and soldiers on the dyke were full of spirit.

Officers and soldiers reinforce the dam overnight.

Pay the embankment at night.

Reinforce the dam overnight.

Because of the continuous heavy rainfall in the early stage, the river embankment has been immersed in the high water level for a long time and urgently needs urgent reinforcement. Officers and soldiers waved their shovels, shouted neat horns, filled and carried sandbags, and strengthened the surrounding flood dikes.

A wave just flattened, another wave started again. The dam reinforcement work was just completed, a sluice in the Yangtze section of Digang Town was seeping, and the officers and soldiers gave emergency assistance.

After three consecutive hours of hard work, more than 1200 sandbags were filled by officers and soldiers participating in the war, and the flood control dam was strengthened by about 2.1 kilometers. Thereafter, the brigade took turns sending officers and men to patrol the embankment to ensure that a dangerous situation could move quickly.

The flood fighting and rescue mission was carried out. All the officers and soldiers who participated in the battle fought against the flood and evacuated the danger. They kept the flood in front of their chests, sprayed the sweat behind them, and left the safety to the people. Image.

Reserve officers and soldiers,good sample

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