For the first time, the three major special service forces of the Taiwan Army jointly teamed up to conduct anti-terrorism and anti-raid exercises

By yqqlm yqqlm

According to Taiwan’s”China Times”, on the 14th, the Taiwan Army’s”Han Guang 36″ exercise held multiple anti-terrorism and anti-raid exercises. Taiwan’s”Gendarmerie Special Service Team”,”Police Service Special Service Team” and”Sea Patrol Service Special Service Team”, three Taiwan special service forces joined forces for the first time to conduct an”anti-special attack” exercise in Taipei.

Reported that the important goal of the garrison district The”Special Attack Drill” was implemented in the”Gendarme” Huimin camp. The exercise used”partial live bullets” (shock bullets) and”moving the ground to borrow scenes” to integrate three secret service teams to jointly defend important protection targets .

First, the rapid reaction company performs battlefield reconnaissance and search tasks , And exercise the use of”Kestrel” rocket;”Gendarmerie Battalion” to conduct positional defense operations, and then three teams of special forces cooperate in combat, using a three-dimensional space intrusion method, and use explosion-proof robots to use water cannons to attack and achieve missions.

The”second combat zone” air infantry battalion cooperated with the air force Hualien base’s”anti-special attack” combat drill. It was executed at 3 o’clock yesterday morning and 9 vehicles were M113 personnel transporter left the station on time at 4 o’clock in the morning, crossed the streets of downtown Hualien, and went to the”air force” Hualien base to carry out the base’s”anti-special attack” operations.

“The third combat zone” is a freshwater river In anti-surprise operations, the river defense force immediately combined with the sentiment held by the constitution, police, and civil defense teams in the region, through blocking and other means, to ensure the safety of the center with superior troops and firepower. In addition,”China Petroleum” refueling vehicles also drove into the station to provide logistical support for river defense forces.

During the preview of the Taiwan Army’s”Han Guang 36″ exercise on July 3, a rubber boat overturning accident occurred in the Taiwan Marine Corps, causing 2 deaths and 1 serious injury. In this regard, DPP person Wu Yinong said on the 6th that the Taiwan military exercises were mostly”performance needs” and stated bluntly that the”Hanguang exercise is the biggest one every year.” And Taiwanese leader Tsai Ing-wen accused Wu Yinong of saying”unfair”.