For the unilateral action in France, my embassy:it is puzzling

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On July 14, a spokesperson for the Chinese Embassy in France answered questions from the reporter of the European Times on the unilateral reduction of French flights by the French side.

Q:French Embassy in China posted on its official website that the French side The”peer-to-peer principle” reduces the number of Chinese airline flights to and from France. French media also reported on this. What is the current flight operation situation between the two countries? How do the two parties communicate?

Answer:On July 12, the French Civil Aviation Authority announced that it will reduce the three Chinese-French routes currently operated by Chinese airlines to one per week in accordance with the”peer-to-peer principle”.

Maintaining a certain number of flights between China and France is of great significance to personnel exchanges and resumption of production and production between the two countries. The French side unilaterally cut related flights, causing damage to Chinese airlines and the people of both countries. We deeply regret the French decision.

After the outbreak of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, China has tried its best to support other countries in the international community to fight the epidemic while fighting the epidemic. After China announced the closure of Wuhan on January 23, it provided great assistance and cooperation to the French evacuation. Since February 9, Air France has grounded Chinese routes on the grounds of”employees exercising the right to retreat”, and China also understands this. Since then, China has vigorously supported the establishment of an “air bridge” by France to purchase and deliver emergency medical supplies from China. To this end, hundreds of French cargo charter flight permits have been approved.

When China’s epidemic situation is under control and the outbreak in Europe and the United States is out of order, in order to prevent the epidemic outbreak and maintain the hard-won domestic anti-epidemic achievements, the Civil Aviation Administration of China launched on March 26 for normally inbound flights to China The”five ones” policy means that an airline can only keep one route in a country, and there is only one flight at most per week. The policy treats Chinese and foreign airlines equally. On May 30, the French side filed a request for Air France to resume flights to China. According to the”Five Ones” policy, because Air France has been grounded, France does not have a normal flight route in China, and Air France needs to approve the resumption of flights. However, considering the friendship between China and France, China has given the French special care and allowed Air France to go back with reference to the”Five Ones” policy.

However, according to the so-called”peer-to-peer principle”, the French side unilaterally insists that the Air France family fly three flights a week and the destination is Shanghai. However, due to the large number of foreign airlines it receives, Shanghai faces enormous pressures for epidemic prevention, and it is difficult to overcome objectively. Considering the overall situation of friendship between the two countries and the practical needs of personnel exchanges between the two sides, China not only made an exception to Air France’s three flights per week to China, one of which flew to Shanghai, but also repeatedly found ways to recommend other landings for Air France’s second and third routes city. Air France’s Chinese partner even gave up its Shanghai route and offered to provide ground services for Air France’s other cities in China. While Shanghai has agreed to receive Air France’s second flight to Shanghai and waits for the Chinese government to complete the approval process, the French side has made a compulsory decision to reduce Chinese flights, which is puzzling.

Under the current international epidemic situation and the risk of China’s national defense import is still severe, Chinese airlines always comply with the French epidemic prevention regulations when flying to France, and Air France’s return to China should also comply with the Chinese epidemic prevention regulations. What the French side calls the”equivalence principle”. Since the number of airlines flying between the two countries is not equal, the total number of flights between the two sides cannot be completely equal. What’s more, during Air France’s grounding of China, Chinese airlines risked huge epidemic risks and pressure to lose money and insisted on flying, making huge sacrifices to maintain air links between China and France. For the unilateral reduction of French flights by the French side, China is forced to accept. We regret and grieve the impact and damage caused to passengers of both countries.

China and France are helping each other in the fight against the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic and support each other. The people of the two countries also maintain traditional friendly feelings. Although the flight problem is a partial problem, if it is not handled well, it will harm the friendly atmosphere between the two countries, which we do not want to see. It is hoped that the French side will proceed from the overall situation of the relations between the two countries, re-examine the relevant decisions, return to the road of dialogue and consultation, and go with the Chinese side to properly resolve the flight-related matters of the two countries.

The relevant Chinese airline has issued a notice to remind passengers to take measures in advance to avoid travel inconvenience and economic losses. The Chinese Embassy in France will take measures to provide necessary assistance to those in need.

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Source | Official website of the Chinese Embassy in France