For whom? US Secretary of State once again wooed Putin, revealing at least three important signals

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More and more signs indicate that in order to form an encircling opponent in the Indo-Pacific, the United States may choose to turn Russia into a silk.

According to a Reuters report on July 15, the US Secretary of State said on the same day that the White House had informed Moscow that the United States now needs Russian support if it wants to normalize the situation in Afghanistan. Pompeo emphasized that the United States and Russia should work together to solve the Afghanistan issue together, which is in the interest of Russia and Afghanistan.

After that, the US Secretary of State remarked and said, The US President has made it clear that the US and Russia are very important to start negotiations. The US and Russia should strengthen cooperation in certain areas. At the moment, the US is working hard to create the &34;maximum opportunity&34; for US-Russia cooperation. Prior to this, in early July, the US Secretary of State had stated that Putin may go to the United States to participate in the G7 expansion summit, which is the US President No matter whether Putin is present or not, strengthening cooperation with Russia is the top priority of the US foreign strategy.

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U.S. Secretary of State’s support and enthusiasm for Russia, obviously has Profound intention.

First, the US President and Putin issued a joint statement, saying that &34; Elbe spirit & 34; is a model for the United States and Russia to abandon their differences and strengthen cooperation, as well as the United States delivering medical supplies to Russia Looking at effective arms control, the US strategic focus is gradually shifting to Indo-Pacific. The United States seems to find that Russia, which has arms and energy exports as its economic pillars, has not challenged the strength of dollar hegemony. The opponents that the United States really needs to beware of are the European Union and Asian powers.

Second, Putin is actually very happy to see the United States deliberately draw in. In the words of U.S. Democratic Party, on the Middle East issue, most of the actions of the US President are &34; Fattened Russia and lost the United States. Under a fierce operation by the US President, Russia won the Tartus Military Port, which originally belonged to the Iranian oil market, and was later robbed by Russia. If it is said that &34;Tongomen&34; has nothing to do, who would believe it?

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Of course, from the perspective of Russia, it is also separate from the United States Nothing wrong. In Putin’s view, if you want to recover the Russian economy, in addition to relying on the help of your neighbors, breaking the blockade of the United States and NATO is also a top priority. At this time, the US President throws an olive branch to Russia, which is a rare opportunity for Moscow. .

After all, Putin and the US President frequently communicate and communicate with each other, nor can they show that Russia will embrace the United States. After all, Yeltsin suffered losses that year, but Putin is still vivid. Putin wants nothing more than to take advantage of the US to shift its strategic focus and grab enough benefits for Russia. In the foreign strategy of major powers, interests will always be the first, not to mention Russia’s ambitious military power.

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Third, the world situation is indeed a sudden change. Whether it’s Merkel&34; Beixi—No. 2&34;, the EU joins hands with Russia to de-dollarize, and Germany intends to fight hard Or Erdogan, Duterte, and Modi are in the middle of the United States and Russia, and Abe and Wen Zai are the future layout of Japan and South Korea. These signs are enough to show that the world situation is indeed facing an unprecedented change.

In the past few decades, Russia has been the opponent of the White House for &34; condensing the United States and controlling the NATO EU&34; (The United States needs an opponent. If not, the United States will be rejected. Self-defeating). But in the present and for a long time thereafter, the first target the United States has to target is not Russia. This is also the real intention of the United States to win India, Japan, Australia, and Russia at the same time.

The time to change the global situation is accelerating. Only when we tirelessly improve our economic and military strength and meet the challenges with the attitude of striving upstream and solving problems, will the world have real stability and prosperity.