Foreign media:Hulk has received multiple offers and will not renew the contract with Shanghai and Hong Kong after the end of the season

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Zhongxin.com, July 15th. According to Brazilian media reports, Shanghai Shanghai Port Club foreign aid Hulk said in an interview with the media that he will not renew the contract with the club after the season.

Screenshot of foreign media reports

The contract between Hulk and Shanghai Port expires in December this year. Hulk frankly said:”I have told the team that I do not want to renew the contract. I have received offers from several countries, including European giants, the Brazilian team, the Champions League team, and even the Chinese team, but I don’t want to stay here anymore.”

Hulke said that he didn’t put money in a very important position:”I don’t value money very much, I have been thinking about how to be happier. , I’m spending time thinking about the way forward, we haven’t made any decision yet.”

Information:August 27, 2019, the first round of the AFC Champions League quarter-finals, Hulk Point The ball scored twice, and Shanghai Shanggang scored 2:2 at home against Pu and Red Diamonds, continuing the unbeaten record of 8 games at home in the AFC Champions League knockout game, and also unbeaten in 23 games at home. Image source:Visual China

Hulk was born in 1986 as a professional Brazilian football player. He played for the Portuguese Super League Porto Football Club and St. Petersburg Zenit Football Club. In July 2016, Hulk transferred to Shanghai Shanggang Football Club for 55.8 million euros, and was selected as the best team in the 2018 Super League next year. (End)