Former British MP condemned the government’s ban on Huawei:self-harm! China’s counterattack could destroy the British economy

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“British ban on Huawei is a national self-harm. China’s counterattack may destroy the sluggish British economy.” On the day the British government announced the ban on Huawei,”Russia Today” (RT) published the former British Parliament on the 14th Congressman George Galloway (George Galloway) article, the title of Galloway issued the above warning.

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According to RT Introduction, Galloway has served as a member of the British Parliament for nearly 30 years. In addition, he has multiple identities:TV and radio host, filmmaker, writer and speaker.

At the beginning of the article, Galloway wrote:”(British Prime Minister) Boris Johnson alienated the EU With 27 member countries left, the relationship between Britain and Russia has been reversed for a century. He has just launched an economic’war’ against China. What other mistakes might be made!”

Galway said that the UK The economy has fallen by 20%in the past quarter, but the British government has announced a series of actions that can be called”starting an economic war” to a country with a population of 1.4 billion and the world’s second largest economy-China. The landslide undoubtedly sounded the alarm for Britain. The British government’s”decision to disable Huawei” gives the most direct reason:-allowing Huawei to enter the UK 5G system is a”security risk”, which is”obviously wrong”,”If 5G is like this, then 3G and 4G The same is true. If this is true, then this company (Huawei) must be eliminated now, rather than by 2027 (will not be eliminated).”

“Nothing, a little, a little bit There is little or no evidence to prove that Huawei did something wrong in the process of successfully entering the British market, and the UK has obtained huge economic benefits from it.” Galloway said.

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While dissatisfied with the UK’s ban on Huawei, Galloway Also criticized the government for other wrong actions.

“Similarly, frankly, (this matter) is also ridiculous.” Galloway then mentioned that the British military made plans to send the”Queen Elizabeth” aircraft carrier to the Far East in preparation for the United States and Japan. During the joint military exercise of the three countries, he said that the British act was”full of serious dangers of armed conflict.”

Galway also pointed out:”These two acts of flagrant hostility to China, It all happened after the Western powers interfered in Hong Kong’s continuing instability.”

And I mentioned that the United Kingdom had previously declared that it would hold a British National (Overseas) passport (BNO) in Hong Kong. After residents provided more residency rights, Galloway continued to issue warnings.

“Under the triple blow of sanctions, gunboats, and residency issues, the chauvinist shrill notes played’rule, Britannia’ (tone), but no one seems to notice that China is now a A much richer and stronger opponent than before…” Galloway said.

In the last part of the article, Galloway warned against the actions of the British government one by one:Beijing will double back on the economic sanctions imposed on China by the Huawei incident; if the aircraft carrier”Queen Elizabeth” runs too Far away, the Chinese navy has enough capacity to sink it; and if 3 million Chinese people come to the UK from Hong Kong, (the UK) are still unclear where they are placed or let them work in the UK’s fragmented economy.

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