Former British parliamentarian criticizes British government:banning Huawei is self-mutilation, China is not the Opium War

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[Compiler/Observer Network Li Huanyu] On July 14, the British government announced that it would ban telecommunications operators from purchasing any 5G equipment from Huawei by the end of the year on the pretext of unwarranted risks. For such farce that highly politicizes business and technical issues at any cost, some people in the UK can’t stand it.

On July 14, George Galloway, a former British MP who had nearly 30 years of job experience, posted on the”Russia Today” website that the ban on Huawei was a”self-harm””China’s counterattack on this may destroy the British economy.

He also summed up the recent British hostility to China, saying that no one in the British government seems to have noticed that China is now much richer and stronger than during the Opium War.

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Galuo Wei pointed out at the beginning of the article that the current internal and external environment of the British government is very bad. Externally, they have just alienated the 27 member states of the European Union, and they also returned British-Russian relations a century ago (Note:A century ago, the Allies including the United Kingdom were interfering Soviet-Russian Civil War). Internally, the UK economy fell by 20%in the last quarter (Note:UK GDP fell by 20.4%in April).

At this time, the British government announced a series of measures called”economic warfare” against China, a world second economy with a population of 1.4 billion. The most direct reason given by the government is that there is a”security risk” for Huawei to enter the UK 5G system.

Frankly speaking, this is obviously wrong. If 5G is risky to do so, the same is true for 3G and 4G systems. If Huawei has such a”security risk”, this company should be eliminated now, rather than waiting until 2027. What’s more, 5G may be eliminated by then.

Galuowei emphasized that there is not even a trace of evidence, even a little bit of evidence can show that Huawei did what it missed in the process of successfully entering the British market, and the UK has obtained in this process. Huge economic benefits.

Then he mentioned the British carrier”Queen Elizabeth” planned to be sent to East Asia, saying,”We sent the carrier Elizabeth to the coastline of China as if it were Gilbert and Sullivan (Note:Victorian comedy (Writer and composer) In the plot of the drama, Little Britain sent a powerful warship up the Yangtze River. Ah, it cannot be said that along the Yangtze River, the Chinese defeated our warship there in 1949.”

< p>In 1949, the British ship”London” that broke into China’s waters for no reason was shelled by our army

Galvey said that this behavior is no different from the gunboat diplomacy of the 19th century. But the difference is that in the 19th century, Britain ruled the ocean, and now obviously it does not. He also pointed out that these two flagrant hostile acts of the United Kingdom occurred after Western powers interfered in the situation in Hong Kong.

He also pointed out that during the 150 years of British colonial rule in Hong Kong, no one in Hong Kong has a way to settle and become a British citizen. But now, the British government has to do this to millions of people.

Sanctions, gunboats, and residency issues, after pointing out these three British moves, Galloway concluded:”The chauvinist chauvinistic notes played”Reign, Britannia” (Note:British Navy Military Song), but no one seems to notice that China is much richer and stronger than it was when it was forced to cede Hong Kong to prevent British opium from poisoning the people.”

He It also warned:”The economic sanctions against China due to the Huawei incident will be fought back several times, and if the”Queen Elizabeth” is driven too far, the Chinese navy would be more than enough to sink it.”

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