Former Roma coach:Pjanic is a superstar, he can play for Barcelona for many years

By ddzyx

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Air bars 2 July hearing pre-Roman physical trainer Longoni was interviewed by Daily Sports News and praised Barça Pianic’s outstanding strength.

What impression did Pianic leave on you?

Listen, those of us who have worked with him know that he is a real superstar, and it is an honor for me to work with champion players like Pianic in Rome. Together we have made historic achievements.

Pianic has become more and more influential year after year

No doubt, 2014- Pianic was the most played player in the Rome team in the 2015 season. He played 46 games. He controls the midfield and can both score and assist. It was the wonderful performance of that period that made him known to the world, and only Juventus in Serie A can take him further.

Pianic’s physical condition?

He is a high-level athlete who usually runs 13 kilometers per game. He did his utmost in training, and he wanted to improve his level. He is an outstanding professional player, and he can take care of himself both on and off the court. This is why he has fewer muscle injuries than other players. He recovers quickly, and he is not jealous of the big players who share the locker room with him.

What is his personality?

He is a good person. In Rome he never caused us any problems. He is the leader in the dressing room and knows how to restrain his actions.

Can he play for Barcelona?

You can look at his passing method, which is different from many players. He certainly has the qualities needed to play for Barcelona or other top clubs. His technique is great, his vision is extremely wide, he can send wonderful passes, and he has a magic free kick. Pianic always contributes many goals and assists to the team, and he is a mature player.

Some Barcelona fans are worried about his age, what do you think of this?

I can’t say about Artur, Pjanic is indeed 30 years old. But considering his professionalism and physical condition, he can still play for Barcelona for many years.