Former Russian Space Group executive accused of treason Russian media:US uses NATO to collect Russian sensitive information

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On the 13th, the former Russian National Aerospace Group President Advisor Safronov was formally charged with”treason.” He was previously arrested on suspicion of providing intelligence to NATO. Russian media said that the investigative agencies have already ascertained the process of Safronov’s crimes, including where his intelligence came from, who he will hand it over to, and where he will eventually go.

On July 7, the Russian Federal Security Service stated that Safronov was arrested on suspicion of”cooperating with the intelligence services of a certain NATO country to provide the latter with Russian defense military industry and foreign military technical cooperation intelligence.” Safronov’s lawyer said he was accused of passing information containing state secrets to the Czech intelligence service, which eventually went to the United States. But Safronov refused to plead guilty.

On the 13th, the Russian media disclosed the progress of investigation of more cases. First of all, the investigation of the case is currently being conducted at the Moscow Lefortovo Detention Center. Secondly, with regard to rumors that Safronov had not even been to the Czech Republic, the Russian investigation revealed that he had actually been there. Safronov himself once wrote such a text on social media:”The most important thing in the Czech Republic is friends.” There is a man in the photo attached to the text, the man is the director of a Czech security prevention and analysis center Martin · Larish. The agency’s business is to collect and provide information for customers. The agency even promises to collect information in the fields of “terrorism, social movements, military conflicts, energy security, conventional weapons and proliferation of weapons of mass destruction”.

Russian media disclosed that Savronov had at least three senior Russian figures with confidential information because he had worked as an analyst in the field of Russian military-industrial complex. Long time. According to preliminary news from Russian media, Savronov used encryption software to communicate with the Czech intelligence service. Safronov’s lawyer said on the 13th that Safronov was ready to cooperate with the investigation.

Source:CCTV News Client