Former US ambassador Chen Mingming, who”retires” from the United States, intends to win votes

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People’s Daily, Beijing, July 9th (Reporters Wang Xincheng, Qu Yuan) At a critical moment in the global fight against the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, the US government formally notified the UN to decide to withdraw from World Health Organization. Chen Mingming, a member of the Public Diplomacy Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a former Chinese ambassador to New Zealand, said in an exclusive interview with the People’s Daily Power Forum that the US “retreating from the group” was actually a “dumping pot” behavior that passed on the weak epidemic resistance and served domestic elections. The international system has a great impact. At the same time, in the face of a series of isolation and challenge actions by the United States, China should establish a bottom line thinking and respond wisely and flexibly.

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Member of the Public Diplomacy Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, former Chinese resident in New Zealand Ambassador Chen Mingming

Using”retreat” to”dump the pot”

Power Forum:What is the underlying reason behind the US withdrawal from the World Health Organization ?

Chen Mingming:The decision of the United States to withdraw from the World Health Organization has already been announced, and now it is just a procedure. I think the most fundamental reason why the United States chooses to exit at this time is to”throw the pot.” That is, to deflect the current situation of the United States out of control from the World Health Organization and then to “snap” China. In this way, during the election period, to justify Trump’s failure to fight the new coronary pneumonia in the country. But this excuse is very pale, without any convincing.

Power Forum:What impact will this have on the World Health Organization and the current global fight against the new coronary pneumonia epidemic?

Chen Mingming:The withdrawal of the United States has some influence. First of all, the World Health Organization has lost hundreds of millions of dollars in dues, which will form a gap that directly affects its operation, but the impact will not be too great. Because in the global anti-epidemic, the World Health Organization has received support from all countries except the United States, and has raised a lot of money through several large-scale international pledge activities. China has successively provided a donation of USD 50 million to WHO, and set up a special fund for cooperation in the fight against epidemic of RMB 2 billion. In addition, although the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says it still needs to maintain working contact with WHO, this is a typical behavior that harms others.

Boot the right to vote with”out of group”

Power Forum:What further actions do you think the US government will take in the future, will it be in health Have you established your own system?

Chen Mingming:The US government is now self-isolated, but as just mentioned, the attitude of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at the working level is still different. The US government is very passive in this way. It is completely confused about health, and it is impossible to establish a new system. At present, the United States has become the most severe country in the world with more than 3 million confirmed cases and more than 130,000 deaths. Therefore, at least on the issue of anti-epidemic new coronary pneumonia, the United States has lost its right to speak on the international stage.

Power Forum:Biden, the US Democratic presidential candidate, said that if he was successfully elected, he would rejoin the WHO (World Health Organization). The United States enters and exits the World Health Organization at will, how do we view it?

Chen Mingming:First of all, the Trump administration should not rejoin. His only purpose now is to win the election. Some people in the US Republican Party originally believed that the United States should not assume so much responsibility and spend so much money on others. It is a bet that Trump has made to win the election by”retiring from the group.” Secondly, if Biden is elected, the reason for the United States to return to the World Health Organization will be very good:it was a decision made by the predecessor, and his wrong decision should be corrected.

Isolate China with”retreat”

Power Forum:Will the frequent”retreat” of the United States have an impact on the current world system? How much impact does this have on China?

Chen Mingming:Now that the US is”retiring from the masses”, it does have a great impact on the international system. Although the United States has left the group, it still wants to engage in an expanded summit of the Group of Seven countries and wants to pull South Korea, Australia and India to join to isolate China. Therefore, on the international stage, a very obvious feature is the interaction between China and the United States. Now the United States is rolling up its sleeves to work with us.

Power Forum:How do you think China should respond to such an international situation and challenges?

Chen Mingming:In the current international landscape, China should unite all countries that can be united, be more open, and continue to increase our weight in international competition.

For China, the first thing is to be calm, to have bottom line thinking, and not to be led by the United States. Secondly, China should have good relations with European countries, developing countries in Africa, and neighboring countries.

Now the global economic recession, China is the only major country with growth this year, which is beneficial to us. Now the central government’s decision is right. It will not take the initiative to attack. It will be postponed. You hit you, I hit me. It is wise and pragmatic.