Form:Former Valencia coach Marcelino does not consider coaching the Spaniard next season

By yqqlm yqqlm

Live broadcast on July 15 Marcelino was sacked by Valencia after the first three rounds of the season. Recently, some media said that he is a candidate for the Spanish coach next season. However, Marcelino’s people told the”World Sports News” that the coach did not consider this possibility.

It is reported that Marcelino is waiting for the invitation of La Liga team, and does not rule out coaching other European leagues The possibility of the team. Based on Marcelino’s coaching resume, hiring him to coach will cost a lot of compensation, which is to fall into West B, salary adjustment is required The structure the Spaniards cannot afford.

At present, the most likely to become the Spaniard’s coach next season is Mallorca’s current coach Vicente

span>- Moreno or the current coach of the second team Elche Pacheta. Elche, where the latter is located, still has the possibility to advance to La Liga next season.

As we all know, the Spaniard has always maintained contact with Vicente Moreno. It is even reported that the negotiations between the two parties have been quite in-depth, and Moreno has notified Mallorca of the idea of ​​leaving after the season. Moreno’s contract with Mallorca has one year left. According to the penalty in the contract, if Moreno wants to leave early, he needs to pay 1 million euros.