Frequent local outbreaks in the UK Mayor blamed the British government for missing information:blockade could have been avoided

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Overseas Network July 16thThe current epidemic situation, the epidemic situation in the UK The situation is still grim. Domestic farms and farms have successively experienced cluster infections. The local city of Leicester has even been blocked due to outbreaks. According to British media reports on the 16th, the mayor of Leicester blamed the current situation of being forced into the blockade because the British government did not provide information on the epidemic, saying”the blockade could have been avoided.”

According to the British Sky News, Mayor Peter Sulesby said in an interview that he felt”atmosphere and frustration.””After entering the blockade, we began to receive outbreak information from the British government, so that we knew where New Crown Virus was in the city. Spread.” Sulesby said,”We have requested (government to provide information) for several weeks.”

Reports indicate that Leicester is the first area in the UK to enter the full blockade, and the British government The status of the blockade will also be evaluated. However, Sulesby did not care much about the news, saying that he did not expect the British government to notify him after the assessment.”Just like letting us enter the blockade, lifting the blockade will also be a political decision,” he said.

According to the description of Sulesby, the information provided by the British government shows that only about 10%of the communities in Leicester have an outbreak, and the remaining areas have not been affected. He said:”If we can get this information early, we can respond in time…to avoid the current blockade.”

Just when the epidemic situation is already very serious, some Leicester companies refused to blockade, insisting continue to produce. It is reported that some local apparel manufacturers have not complied with the hygiene regulations, and some factories also require sick employees to continue working. During this period, the local police even went to investigate the use of slaves and human trafficking by some businesses.

However, Sursby said that he believes that violations of the blockade regulations by some companies have not caused the virus to spread.”What we need is that information, otherwise we will not be able to respond accurately to the epidemic, not this blockade for political purposes.” He said. (Overseas website Zhao Jianxing)

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