From”excessive sun protection” to”active sky moxibustion”, my physical feelings corrected my thinking deviation

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First, the sun protection journey

Recently this week, fascinated by the morning sun and back, so I unconsciously remembered My first experience of being sunburn.

It was during the summer vacation of the second grade at Northeastern University, and after earning hundreds of dollars as a part-time job with the students of the school, we met and took a green leather train to Changbai Mountain. During the mountain climbing, a female student provided sunscreen to her girls, but I was already wearing trousers and a fisherman’s hat, but I didn’t expect to burn the tip of my nose, red The skin is still peeling, 冏~

The advantage of a high nose is sad at the moment…

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The consensus view of the students is:”One white cover all ugliness, the girl in the flower season pays more attention to sun protection, don’t treat yourself The sun is so dark, not beautiful!” So to maintain my youth, I began to accept opinions.

I don’t like the sun more and more. If I go out for a long time, I must bring an umbrella. After that, I also start patronizing various sunscreen artifacts on Taobao. Procedure:sun protection.

Until I opened the door of traditional Chinese medicine, I learned Wuwei moxibustion. After a few months of practicing Wuwei moxibustion, my complexion improved, and I discarded a lot of cosmetics;

until I read Be open, and seriously start paying attention to the health of the four seasons;

I slowly started to practice”sky moxibustion”, the feeling of fear of tanning in my heart was swept away~

The sun is comfortable and healthy, so I am so happy.

Two. Sky moxibustion that saves money and gives power

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Recently, look at the public number of Sanhe College In Liu Lihong’s several articles written by the teacher, several solar terms mentioned “Insatiable for the Day”.

Think about whether the photos we took were exceptionally beautiful when the sun was shining. I was never afraid of the sun at that moment, and I expected a sunny day. I don’t know when, everyone has joined the over-sun protection team. I think it’s time to correct some wrong ways of thinking with actions.

Taking advantage of the good timing of San Fu Tian, ​​let us open our back and experience more!

The first day of the three days (No. 2020.7.16) officially arrived today!

This saving money and effective non-pharmaceutical therapy-sky moxibustion, that is, sunburn!

I got up at more than six o’clock in the morning and opened the balcony door. I saw the sun rising and felt very comfortable. I remembered yesterday an article by teacher Xu Wenbing from Houpu Traditional Chinese Medicine Hall yesterday.”Damp evil, how should our body nourish?” He once recommended moxibustion, as well as two methods of sky moxibustion.

I stood in the room and stood, I just avoided the wind, and let my back bladder meridian, fully greet the sun that was pouring on the earth.

The gentle morning wind blows my body from time to time, the sun rising in the morning is so warm and comfortable, I am grateful for the gift of nature’s love to our ordinary people. I quietly enjoy the bathing of the sun, just as I have Ai Tiao here, suspended moxibustion, which continuously delivers energy to me , It seems like Ai Ge spread to the entire chest, the spine is upright, breathing is so comfortable!

Without spending a penny, I received a gift from nature, and I was exposed to my fatigue after busy work, especially the discomfort of my neck and neck. Coupled with the timely charging of Yang Qi, I have been moving towards the goal of my body balance. At this moment, the energy is so full, at this moment, so contented!

Summer is hot, never tired of the sun.

“Because everything is endless, it’s because of the cyclical process of birth, growth, harvest, and storage. We like it very much. The seasons are like spring and the mild climate is preferred, but if you want to live forever, you can’t get around this”long” process, and”long” and Yanri are standard, they are in the same spirit.” Teacher Liu Lihong said.

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Three. How to sunbathe?

It is necessary to expose to a little sweat.

Many people in modern times are hiding in air-conditioned rooms and staying there for a day. In fact, they have fallen into a lot of problems without realizing it. As a result, he also wrapped himself tightly, whenever he went out, he would be put on sunscreen, or prepare a parasol to avoid a little sunshine.

We often say that whatever happens is disaster.

So The sun should be selected for a suitable period of time, rather than blindly refusing (the sun is not shining at all), or blindly admiring (going to the sun in the hot sun to get heat stroke, then it’s over Up).

Let the sun shine on the back of the veins of the governor bladder, which is the favorite flavoring of Hopu students while standing on the pile, with the governor of”Sea of ​​Yang Qi” on the back The pulse is actually healthier!

Activate the yang of the back, which is of great significance to the modern people who are always working at the desk. Replenishing energy in time, feeling comfortable, driving away the haze, and eliminating the cold~

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Personal experience suggestions, it is worth noting:


1. The best time is before 10 o’clock in the morning;

2. Slight sweating;

3. Avoid basking in windy or cold places.

In short, pick the posture where you feel most comfortable with your body, Sky moxibustion is not greedy, it is enough, and the one that suits you is the best!

I hope you get up early every day and spend more than ten minutes to enjoy it and bathe in the sun!

I wish you all peace and health!