Gambling king’s wife is not Cinderella! Can be called Lin Zhiling in the financial world

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Recently, The King of Gamblers died and his funeral was in full swing, no one knew who no dawn. As an ordinary person, I will be somewhat curious about these. After all, the gambling king has a total of 17 children with various abilities, but it is not like He Youjun He Xi Mengyao has been showing off the first grandson of the gambling king, He Youqi is much lower-key than them, and the relationship with his wife Gigi has always been solid and loving.

Even at the funeral of the gambler Holding the child, a black suit with a white shirt in the upper body, a black tie, and a black suit pants in the lower body look tall and handsome, and the leather shoes under the feet show the taste. Covering the child’s head with his hands makes him a good dad who cares for the child.

Wife wears a black embellished suit with a loose lower body The wide-leg pants look very textured, and the overall gives a sense of elegance and maturity. The daughter wore a black short-sleeved lower body, a pair of sports tights and black sneakers, and was covered by her mother’s head. The green muscles in her hands may be a little hard to hold the child.

Wide-leg pants are a popular fashion list this year In summer, it wears non-stick legs and cool sunscreen. The legs are thin. It is okay to match the upper body with a suit or white T-shirt or even a vest, and then paired with a pair of high heels or boots, not only fashionable but also very mature, very feminine.

If you are not very formal, you can also try a black suit Shorts, upper body with a white vest or short-sleeved T-shirt or even a blazer can be worn, then wear a pair of board shoes or old shoes, casual and age-reduced, it seems slender legs.

Gigi upper body a straight shoulder black dress looks sweet and intellectual , The very good figure looks clear of the collarbone. He Youqi wears a black printed black t-shirt with khaki loose pants. It looks more casual. Gigi not only has good clothes, but also dresses her daughter.< /strong>A striped pettiskirt looks cute and cute, wearing a small straw hat on her head.

Some people say that Gigi is a Cinderella, married to He Youqi I’m very lucky, but this looks exactly like Lin Zhiling, still working in finance and education, wearing a black hooded sweater He Youqi, who is wearing a gray printed Gucci hooded sweater, is like Cinderella. It is a beautiful and smart sweet girl.

The wife of the three-bedroom gambler is not gray girl! It can be called Lin Zhiling in the financial world, and is very favored by being kissed on the street! The daily life of the two people is also very sweet, not only looks like Lin Zhiling, but also has a similar figure. A black dress outlines the curve of the figure, with a golden mini bag so that the overall color is not too monotonous, He Youqi a black suit with a white shirt and bow tie looks straight and handsome, the two love to the hot street Kiss, is really a woman of Lang Cai.

The golden bag looks expensive and very suitable When you wear black or white clothes, you can neutralize the monotony of solid colors, and some women who are hot in summer like to wear white T-shirts and are afraid of monotony. Then golden mini bags or other colors of mini bags are definitely your best choice.

Surely such a good figure cannot be separated from the usual exercise Too. A short white sportswear with a white vest inside, and a short tight-fitting trackpants on the lower body look energetic, with hair tied up neatly. Where is it like a mother who has had a baby? If this posture is not exercised regularly, it really can’t be sustained, no wonder the body is so good.

Two people are showing affection whenever and wherever they are , Gigi wore a black long skirt with some black lace as accessories on the upper body. The waist was slender with a waistband. The waist seemed to be all legs. The blingbling gold platform sandals on the feet, He Youqi a gray The suit with the white shirt also unbuttoned a few buckles at random, looking casual gentleman.

Because his wife is a sports enthusiast, He Youqi also returned Accompanying his wife to climb the mountain is really full of spoils. The wife wore a gray sportswear, and the lower body black tight sports pants with sneakers looked full of vitality. He Youqi orange short sleeves with fluorescent orange sports pants, the two people compared with the gesture power of &34;Ye&34; Full of life ritual!