Gao Lat:I have recovered 100%, can’t wait to return to the Super League

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Live it, July 5th. In an interview with Brazilian media”Gazeta Esportiva”, Golat revealed that he was completely Rehabilitation is waiting for the return of the Chinese Super League.

“I’ve recovered 100%, and I feel good now. In the friendly match, I performed well and scored goals that I missed. Now I’m in good shape, with a complete knee There is no problem, so I can’t wait to do my favorite thing on the court.”

Golarat did not hide his desire to return to the stadium. “Before we were very anxious, although we participated Some friendly games and training games have been played, but this is not the same as an official game like a league. I am glad that Chinese Super League is back, I think This is the right time to start the game. Now everything is safe here.”

“The situation is getting closer to normal life now. Everyone here has taken a lot of preventive measures, all the epidemic prevention The policies are fully implemented, so I think life in China is close to normal.”

(Nanling Crying and Crying)