Gattuso:We earned this point, Bologna played better than us

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Live it on July 16th. In the Serie A League that just ended, Naples drew 1-1 with Bologna, After the game, the Naples head coach Gattuso was interviewed by the media.

“I think we made this point. We took a lot of risks in the game. Bologna performed better than us.”

“Unfortunately, I was early We discovered the team’s flaws in the second half 4-5 months ago, and we couldn’t keep up with the performance of the first half, especially in the last few games.”

“We must congratulate Bologna , This team has the same personality as their head coach, we know their abilities, we must play a fierce game from start to finish, and unfortunately we fell behind, we were pressed to play in the game”

“I’m not talking about individual players, but the whole team. We failed to maintain a high level throughout the game. We didn’t pass the ball they needed to the striker. In the second half we Failed to maintain balance.”

“I always hope that the team can maintain a high concentration. I like the performance of the first half, in some cases we played beautifully, but we failed to be in the game Keeping the same level, at the last moment, Bologna overwhelms us.”

“I don’t care if I want to play against Barcelona after 20 daysThere are still leagues to play, and we must do our best in every game until the end.”

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