Genesio:Looking forward to the cooperation between Alan, Aiko and Vieira. The goal of National Security is still to win the championship

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Live broadcast on July 15th. In an interview with reporter Yuan Ye, Guoan coach Genesio commented on the team’s recent performance and looked forward to the new season. He emphasized that Guoan’s goal is still to win the championship.

——Comment on Guoan losing 1-4 to the Chinese team in the teaching competition

It’s just a teaching competition, not based on that game Explain what is wrong with the team’s overall preparation. At that time, the starting lineup was not very familiar with the players at that time, so we need to be more familiar with the new formation in the teaching game. I think that the problem in the teaching game is better than the appearance in the league. Finding and solving problems are the most important. Now I am satisfied with the team’s overall preparations, there is nothing too problematic, everyone is very serious in training, and the problems that occur in the teaching game are also very normal.

——After Alan arrives, what kind of frontcourt combination will Guoan be in the new season?

Now I also look forward to Biella and Augusto returning to the team to see what kind of performance they can play with Alan, I think Alan, he will definitely play a very strong role, playing the role of siege. But now I still hope that other foreign aids can be adjusted as soon as possible, such as adjusting their heart rate after starting training. For them, the first thing is to restore physical fitness as soon as possible.

——The goal of the new season

Guo’an should also be regarded as a traditional giant team. Needless to say, the goal of winning the championship is our blood. The goal here, we will always have this championship, but this year we must play steadily. Our main competitors are Guangzhou Evergrande and Shanghai Shanggang. There may be other opponents, such as Dalian or other teams. We need stability. Play every game well.

——How to deal with the two months of closed life in the first stage

We are a very good team, maybe these two and a half months Life will not be so difficult, but two and a half months will definitely face many difficulties, one is to hope to win more games, and the other is to maintain communication with the players every day, regardless of the staff or the players, I hope they can understand them on the court On and off-court issues to facilitate better communication. I hope that all staff can anticipate these problems in advance, and players will definitely find ways to solve them when there is pressure. Find a way to face it better.

——Does an empty game affect the team?

I like to play in the sports body very much. The Guoan team can’t do without the support of the fans. The fans also need Guoan. We have been like a family for a long time. In the past when the game encountered difficulties, the fans will help us through the difficulties, so I very much hope that the fans come to the scene, but this year’s empty court is understandable, but I have told the players, I hope everyone understands that every game will have Many fans watch the live broadcast, and every game must fight for the fans, I hope we can do better than in the past.