German fans in love with Hong Kong visit the club and receive a Hulk signature jersey

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According to the Oriental Sports Daily, a group of high school student fans from the German foreign children’s school in Shanghai came to Shanggang Century Park Training Base, with head coach Pereira and captain Hulk, had an interactive exchange about football and cross-nationality.

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It is reported that this group of 16- to 18-year-old German students conducted an oral English practice in the school last week, and then the children were asked to interview a professional in a certain field, because everyone loves Football, so under the guidance of class teacher Hahn, they wrote a letter to Shanghai coach Pereira. In addition to expressing their own demands, they also expressed everyone’s knowledge of Chinese football and the Shanghai team. After receiving the letter, Zhao Haochen, the press officer of the Shanghai Club, sent an invitation to the children on behalf of the coach Pereira, welcoming them to witness the true status of the Chinese football club. Under the leadership of the press officer and the base staff, everyone watched the records while watching. After the player training, Hulk came to the sidelines to have a simple interaction with everyone and sent their own signature jerseys, and the children also sent I put on a uniform for the school football team and gave it to the captain. Head coach Pereira patiently answered the questions raised by the students, and at the end of this exchange event, these student fans also played a game of robbing the circle with assistant coach Louis and others and experienced the feeling of a professional player. .

According to the press officer from Shanghai and Hong Kong, Captain Hulk and Oscar Foreign Aid are the idols of many male students in the class, especially Hulk. His wonderful performance left a deep impression on the outside world. Ke’s name is also the same as the Marvel hero”Hulk”, which has won the favor of many student fans and anime movie fans. The idol most admired by the female students in the class is the goalkeeper Yan Junling.