Germany will not exclude Huawei from 5G construction for the time being

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British local time on the 14th announced that it will disable Huawei equipment when building 5G networks, causing uproar. Regarding this issue, the German side stated that it currently does not want to refuse to cooperate with any facility supplier or any country.

German Federal Government spokesman said on the 14th that security requirements for mobile network operators should be established so that core infrastructure components can only be obtained from trusted suppliers and manufacturers. The federal government is still discussing how this credibility should be reviewed.

The German government also calls for the close coordination of 5G equipment safety standards in Europe. A government spokesman said:”There is no doubt that the expansion of the new 5G mobile wireless network requires very high security standards. But this must be discussed with European partners.” The European Commission has also recommended that the EU jointly take action on the security of 5G networks.

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△Photo source:German media

On the 11th of this month, the German Federal Minister of Economic Affairs Altmeyer said in an interview with the media that the construction of 5G networks in Germany will not Huawei is excluded. He emphasized that only when there is evidence to show that there is a national security threat, it is possible to exclude certain equipment.

According to German media reports, the German Chancellor Merkel repeatedly stated that it would not exclude certain enterprises in the construction of 5G . Deutsche Telekom said in an internal document that if the federal government opposes the use of China Mobile technology, the company is expected to spend at least 3 billion euros. (Reporter Yu Peng from the main station)