Good news, the launch time of”Tianwen No.1″ is determined, US media:will be among the leaders in space exploration

By ddzyx

This year is the 26th Mars exploration window period, so the upcoming Mars exploration project in China is also receiving much attention from the outside world. However, it has not been updated since the National Space Administration announced the name of the Mars exploration mission on April 24. Related news. Until yesterday, good news came from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center, which announced the specific launch time of my country’s first Mars probe”Tianwen-1″.

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The scenic area of ​​Xichang Satellite Launch Base on July 1st stated in a tweet:July 20, 2020 to During July 25th, the Hainan Wenchang Space Launch Site will choose the opportunity to execute the”Tianwen-1 Mars Exploration” launch mission, and wish the mission a complete success! From this, the outside world has speculated that the specific launch time of”Tianwen-1″ has finally arrived. Obtained confirmation.

According to the information disclosed in this tweet, China’s first Mars probe”Tianwen 1″ has a maximum of 23 days before the launch countdown, which is in line with previous reports widely reported by official media. The news that will be launched from July to August also proves from the side that the content of the tweets in the scenic area of ​​Xichang Satellite Launch Base is largely reliable.

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Actually, the launch date announced by this tweet is still worth pondering and intriguing, because there has not been any outgoing transport to Mars so far. The launch of the mission’s important task, Long March V carrier rocket, is at least related to the launch time in the tweet and the launch practices of other detection projects in the past Work should have already begun.

However, even if the information transmitted in the tweet is incorrect, the launch time of”Tianwen No. 1″ will not be much different from it. After all, the launch window period of once every 26 months determines our country. The launch of the first Mars rover cannot be postponed for no reason. In addition, the tweet also announced the specific mission of the next phase of Mars exploration, that is, sampling from the surface of Mars and returning to Earth.

It is understood that China’s first Mars probe”Tianwen-1″ consists of an orbiter, lander, and patrol device It consists of three parts. After the launch of a successful detection mission, the three major tasks of”winding, landing, and patrol” will be completed at once. No other country, including the US and the Soviet Union, has launched the same challenge before. It can be said that my country has set a new world record for its first Mars exploration mission.

It is worth mentioning that while good news came from the launch of my country’s Mars rover,”Tianwen 1″, the United States across the ocean showed great difficulty. NASA announced on July 1 that the U.S.”Fortitude” Mars probe was delayed again for a week due to a sudden problem with the launch vehicle. The current new launch time is selected after July 30. It was the detector that was originally intended to be launched before our country, and the result may be launched after our country.

China’s”astronomy No. 1″ launch is under intense and orderly preparation, but the US”Perseverance” is again Delaying the launch time will inevitably make the American media feel a bit”sour”. In an article published recently by the American magazine Science,”Tianwen No. 1″ is a milestone project for my country’s aerospace to go farther into deep space, which will prompt my country to become a leader in world space exploration.