Grand Slam qualifications like to”hit” three Chinese players from the sky

By ddzyx

July 1, Beijing time, the American Golf Association announced its eligibility for the 2020 US Women’s Open. A total of three Chinese professional golfers were exempted because they were ranked in the top three in the 2019 Women’s Chinese Tour Awards list. They are Zhang Weiwei, Liu Yan, and Du Mohan.

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The spread of the COVID-19 epidemic, The 75th US Women’s Open, originally scheduled to be held at the Champions Golf Club in Houston, Texas, from June 4-7 was postponed to December 10-13 . In addition, the U.S. Women’s Open has canceled all regional qualifiers, including China, and announced that only players who pass the exemption will be eligible to participate in this tournament.

In order to give Chinese players the opportunity to participate in golf grand slams, so that they can temper themselves and win glory for the country in the world’s top stadiums, the Women’s Tournament Group The committee has repeatedly communicated with the U.S. High School Association. Finally, it finally won the three US Women’s Open waivers!

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Failed to enter the U.S. Women’s in the qualifying match last year due to a shot difference Zhang Weiwei of the Open

The US Women’s Open is a world-class golf grand slam tournament and can participate in such high-level games and with the world It is the dream of many Chinese professional players to compete with the top golfers in the same field.

Last year, Zhang Weiwei, Liu Yan, and Du Mohan all passed the LPGA second-level test. This year, they should have shined in the second-level field. Has returned to China one after another. At present, international sports events are recovering. The 2020 US Women’s Open is a rare opportunity for them to participate this year. I believe they will prepare for the game seriously!

The 75th U.S. Women’s Open is jointly organized by the American Association of Local High Schools (AGA) and other countries and regions of the world, and will be held on December 10. Held at the Champion Golf Club until the 13th. Considering that the sunshine time will be shortened in December, the Long Eared Rabbit Course and Cypress Creek Course of Champion Golf Club will be used at the same time. The first two rounds of the game will be held at the Long Eared Rabbit Stadium and the Cypress Creek Stadium. After the second round, they will return to the original Cypress Creek Stadium.

Image source:Women’s Tour