“Grandfather profits” in the friendship time:”Fushengweiqingge” was accused of spreading feudal thoughts

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China Network Technology, July 14 (Reporter Li Yiran) The sudden outbreak has greatly increased the time and expense of people investing in games. According to the prediction of third-party organizations, the global mobile game market will soon exceed the scale of 100 billion US dollars. However, the sudden expansion of market opportunities and social attention has also allowed some game companies to see the edge of the game.

Recently, a number of gamers have complained to ChinaNet Technology that a game called”Fushengweiqingge“The ancient style palace fighting game has many problems such as wrong value orientation and false advertising, which infringes the rights and interests of game players.

Public information shows that”Fu Sheng Wei Qing Ge” is a Gongdou game, focusing on female players.

It is understood that the full name of Friendship Time is Friendship Time Technology Co., Ltd., formerly Suzhou Baojiang Information Technology Co., Ltd., founded by Jiang Xiaohuang in 2010, and later renamed Suzhou Youyou Times Technology Co., Ltd., Until May this year, it was renamed Friendship Time. The company is positioned as a developer of mobile games focused on”female, Chinese antiquity”. Since its inception, many of the main games developed have belonged to the palace type, such as the launch of the first online game called”The Palace Plan” in 2010. And the follow-up”The Palace Q Biography”,”Xi Fei Biography”,”Xi Fei Q Biography”.

ChinaNet Technology verified the friendship time by email on the many controversial issues that the players reflected in the game, but as of press time, no reply was received.

Players complained that the”Fushengweiqingge” advertisement”materialized women” spread decaying feudal ideas

Since July this year,”Fushengweiqingge” The game has intensified its promotion and promotion, but the advertisements placed on the game have been”vomited” by many players on multiple social media platforms. Some players said that the promotion intensity and advertising content of this game’s advertisement caused its”extreme discomfort”.

It is understood that the slogan of”Fushengweiqingge”, which has been criticized by many game players, includes”Daily wearing beautiful clothes rewarded by the king, beautifully dressed ~ regenerating two cute girls, the mother is expensive”Wait.

A game player complained that this game advertisement”reveals the rancid smell of feudal thoughts”, in addition to the”mother and son expensive” on the countertop conveying patriarchal thoughts, but also implying girls If you like beautiful clothes, you will know to fall in love with”Jun Shang”.

Not only that, some gamers told China.com that there are still serious inconsistencies between the advertisements and the actual content of the game, which is false promotion and misleading consumers. According to the user, the”Fu Sheng Wei Qing Ge” ad promotes the game to the game users as a”Gong Dou” game, but players have found in the actual experience that”Gong Dou has become a martial art, and there are fighting ladies everywhere in the game.” .

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Public information shows that the”Friendly Time” operating”The Floating Life is a Song of Qing Dynasty” has a large advertising team. According to its 2019 annual report, Friendship Times has 1,298 employees, of which the majority of the advertising creative team is up to 155. They are full-time responsible for basic game character information provided by the game development team, conceive of advertising ideas, and design advertising content. In addition, Friendship Time CEO Jiang Xiaohuang said in the 2019 annual report that the company plans to increase online marketing and advertising expenses and create more channels to release game information.

ChinaNet.com noted that the country has already included the promotion of online games and marketing into the scope of supervision, emphasizing that there should be no fraud. On March 19, 2015, the Ministry of Culture issued the “Notice on Strengthening the Supervision and Administration of Online Game Promotion Activities”. In response to the problems of violent pornography, false fraud, infringement of online copyrights, and infringement of privacy in the promotion of existing games, it stated that it will Strengthen supervision.

According to the”Administrative Measures on Internet Information Services”, Internet information service providers are not allowed to produce, publish or distribute content of the following nature:promote feudal superstition; spread obscene or pornographic, incitement to gambling, violence, murder or Horror content.

Behind the huge profits:”Game Support” rampantly induces gambling and money worship

Friendly time has keenly observed the huge growth potential of the”female to” game market, And achieved good results in this market. According to the company’s prospectus, Friendship Times accounted for 31.5%of the total revenue of China’s”female, Chinese antique” mobile game market in 2018.

Reports show that unlike male players, most female players focus on the entertainment and emotional communication of mobile games. Female players prefer to simulate mobile games, such as pet games, dress up games, and love development games. In mobile games, the number of female players has grown tremendously, from 48.3 million in 2013 to 256 million in 2018, with a compound growth rate of 39.6%.

From the 2019 annual report disclosed by Friendship Times, the company’s profitability is strong, and the average monthly contribution of paying users is as high as 531.5 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 34.4%. Gamers also generally believe that several of the games launched during Friendship Time are”Krypton Gold” (paid recharge behavior of online games) games.”Floating for Qingge” is also called”Born for Krypton Gold”.

It is worth noting that in”Fu Sheng Wei Qing Ge” in order to encourage players to krypton gold,”routines” are getting deeper and deeper.

A female player who has recharged tens of thousands of yuan told China Net Technology that there are bets and gambling behavior guidance for the regular tasks in the game”Fu Sheng Wei Qing Ge”, and the activity tasks are often related to the lottery. It is through making players profitable by betting.

Another player said that in order to encourage”Krypton Gold”, this game often held recharge ranking events, scrolling the screen to play the winning information of all regions in the service, but did not announce the list of winning players. Falsely create momentum to stimulate players to recharge.”

Many players mentioned that the game”Fu Sheng Wei Qing Ge” is full of”money only theory”, online violence, and minor three derailments inside the official forum, and even some users suspect that it is a game The operator intends to arrange a”game support” to provoke a battle between players and induce players to recharge the”krypton gold”. In addition, some players encountered fraud in the game, and other players were defrauded in the name of buying numbers.

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More surprisingly, during the National Day of Mourning on April 4 this year Failure to comply with national regulations to stop the service in a timely manner, and you can still enter the game after zero in the morning, this behavior caused many players to be dissatisfied, and raised protests and doubts on its official Weibo.

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In view of the growing influence of the game industry on the public and the youth, the relevant state departments have repeatedly proposed that game companies should enhance their sense of social responsibility. Director Guo Yiqiang of the Publication Bureau of the Central Propaganda Department pointed out in a public speech in August last year that the game industry should spread the correct historical outlook, national outlook, national outlook, and cultural outlook, resolutely abandon the bad tendencies of vulgarity, vulgarity, and kitsch, and actively pass on Positive energy for upward good; the National Press and Publication Administration has strengthened approval management, strengthened content review, strictly controlled gambling games such as chess and fishing, fishing and other games with themes of palace fighting and officialdom, and resolutely corrected the creative production. Bad tendency. And a game company obsessed with the theme of palace fighting, even if it wins short-term success in performance, does not mean healthy and sustainable development. For follow-up progress, China Network Technology will continue to pay attention.