Grassroots should be fair, middle class love freedom, and high-level conservative

By yqqlm yqqlm

I believe that people often hear some people complaining that they have received unfair treatment in their lives; others complain that they are not free in life; and some people are reluctant to make too many changes.

Why is this?

This may be related to the different life status of everyone!

When a grassroots employee in the company reports a job with the leader, TA will indicate where there is a problem with the work flow system, or even a certain If XX does not do well in place, punishment should be given to XX, which is a question of right and wrong for him, and punishment must be accepted if it is wrong, so that it is fair; and leadership is different, for leaders , TA understands that absolute fairness does not exist. This is a matter of choice. He should choose one side of Zhang San and give up the other; Zhang San and Li Sizhong choose this and give up that.

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The same is true in life. Children in ordinary families always complain about why the resources are unevenly distributed and why the education that the wealthy people always get There are more resources such as medical care, medical care, and even they can get a lower interest rate for the same loan. This is too unfair; and designers at the national level can only make choices and cannot take care of everyone with absolute fairness.

Time goes forward

This employee came to the management and worked for him for a long time You will feel like a bun. You have a leader who urges you to get results. The following subordinates are like the children who are going to feed. Many things have to wait for you to make decisions; you must manage your superiors and your subordinates. Growth, etc., many things can not be developed according to their own wishes, it is the result of many compromises, TA is not autonomous, TA wants freedom

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In life, the living conditions of the middle class are not bad, and they have certain social resources and connections, but sometimes they have to socialize to maintain relationships and sacrifice their private time for promotion; There are old people, young people and young people who have to take care of their partner’s emotions. They are too frustrated. They always want to go to the field and say that they can go and go to the distance of freedom

Like freedom and fairness, prices are set, there is no free freedom

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Gradually, this Cainiao became a company executive, but only controlled a company, or even group executives of many companies. At this time, both internal shareholders and external strategic consulting organizations will provide companies with some innovative ways, but TA is generally reluctant to do For changes, and not to mention that the ship is not easy to make a U-turn, as far as TA is concerned, maintain the status quo and move forward steadily. Even if these innovations can bring more benefits to the company than disadvantages in the long run, what they see is always risk, because they have become a”conservative party”

People in different stages will have different pursuits and have different requirements for life

But sometimes I also think, will not Could it be that your pursuit also determines the upper class limit you can be in?

You have been pursuing absolute fairness. You may always be a grassroots, like your grandparents, in the same class of society; or you want to feel Freedom, unfettered, you may end up paying a price for this unrealistic pursuit, and you can’t go further.

Whether the pursuit determines the stratum, or the stratum decides the pursuit, I think this is a chicken or egg problem! ?