Great! 2020 Qatar World Cup, Chinese fans only need to stay up late

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On the evening of the 15th, Beijing time, the Qatar World Cup 2022 schedule was officially released. The opener will start on November 21, 2022. The final will be held on December 18 for a period of 28 days.

Because the World Cup is basically held in the afternoon and evening of local time, Qatar and Beijing have a 5-hour time difference, which is undoubtedly very”friendly” to Chinese fans-most games do not need to stay up late to watch the game.

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According to the schedule, the opening match of the World Cup will be held at 13 o’clock on November 21, 2022, Qatar. The venue is the Gulf Stadium, 43 kilometers away from the city center of Doha, Qatar, and can accommodate approximately 60,000 fans. Watch the game.

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There will be four matches a day in the group stage, starting at 13 o’clock, 16 o’clock, 19 o’clock and 22 o’clock local time respectively, for a total of 12 days. FIFA said the move was to allow the team more rest time. The knockout stage will be played at 18:00 and 22:00 local time.

At 18 o’clock on December 17, 2022, Qatar local time, the third and fourth finals will be held at the Caliph International Stadium in Doha; at 18 o’clock the next day, the final will be at the Russell Stadium, which can accommodate 80,000 people Held, about 16 kilometers from the center of Doha.

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This is the first football World Cup ever held in the winter in the Northern Hemisphere. FIFA said that this World Cup will be held on the most suitable date for Qatar’s climate. During the game, the venues are closer to each other and can be reached by land transportation, so the organizer can better optimize the schedule to ensure teams, fans, journalists, etc. Get the best tournament experience.

According to the introduction, after the end of the International Match Day in March 2022, all teams participating in the World Cup will hold a draw ceremony to determine the final match schedule.

In addition, FIFA also said that fans who plan to go to Qatar to watch the game can start ticketing and hotel reservations at the end of 2020. Tickets for the public will be released through the FIFA official website, FIFA will Publish information such as ticket types and prices in due course.

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This will be the last time the World Cup will use the top 32 lineup to participate. Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the current schedule of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers on all continents has been seriously disrupted. The Asian Top 40 Qualifiers will be postponed to October 8th and 13th and November 12th and 17th. The Chinese team will play against the Maldives at home on October 8, challenge Guam on October 13, play against the Philippines on November 12, and play against Syria on November 17.

In the current Asian qualifying group A standings, the Chinese men ranked second in the group with 4 wins, 2 wins, 1 draw, 1 loss and 7 points, 8 points behind the top Syria. Mostly, ranked seventh in the second place in the eight best-performing groups. If you want to enter the next round of the top 12, you need to work harder. It is worth mentioning that, starting from the 2026 World Cup, FIFA will expand to 48 teams, the host countries are the United States, Canada and Mexico. This is also the first time the World Cup is jointly hosted by three countries. Due to the substantial expansion of the military, the possibility of the Chinese men’s football team advancing to the World Cup has increased a lot. Whether the Chinese men’s football team will seize the opportunity, let us wait and see.

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