Guardiola:Mourinho and Kloppuo can talk to me directly if they have opinions about the suspension

By yqqlm yqqlm

Live broadcast on July 15th. According to”Sky Sports”, UEFA officially announced that it will lift Manchester City’s European war ban in the next two years, Mourinho and Klopp also expressed dissatisfaction with this decision in previous interviews. Recently, Manchester City coach Guardiola said in an interview that if Roklopp and Mourinho had objections to this matter, You can call directly to communicate with him. Klopp said in an interview that Manchester City was not punished for football is not a good thing, and Tottenham coach Mourinho more directly called this”disaster” and said that if Manchester City is not guilty, it should not be Fines should be suspended if they violate the rules.

According to the two of them, Guardiola said:”If they want to talk to me, I will be there at any time. UEFA’s penalty has been made very clear, but if they want to Talk to me, they know my phone number, they can call me to discuss with me at any time, this is not a problem.”

“But I don’t think we need to discuss too much, all those about us cheating Neither the hint of bribery is true. Just like the result of the penalty, we are innocent.”

When it comes to the team’s second place in the league, it has been determined that it can participate in the next season’s In the Champions League, Guardiola said:”I am very happy for the team. The performance of the players on the court is the most important thing for us to enter the Champions League. Reason.”

“Other teams may do better in the European War, but we have performed well in the league in the past three or four years, and we will also defend next season. The team’s performance in the Champions League.”