Guashuai:If Mourinho and Klopp disagree, they can call me directly

By yqqlm yqqlm

Recently, Klopp and Mourinho both expressed their views on the Manchester City’s verdict on the suspension of the European War, In response to this, Manchester City coach Guardiola responded in an interview with Sky Sports, saying that if Mu Shuai and Uncle J disagree with the verdict, he can call him directly and he can explain.

On Monday, the International Sports Arbitration Tribunal (CAS) overturned UEFA’s two-year European War injunction against Manchester City for violating the Financial Equity Act (FFP) and fined it from 30 million The euro was reduced to 10 million euros. In this regard, Liverpool coach Klopp and Tottenham coach Mourinho both expressed their views on the ruling. Uncle J said that the decision to overthrow the ban was not a good day for football, and Mu Shuai thought it was a shameful decision.

In response to the comments of the above two, Guardiola responded in an interview with Sky Sports. He said:”If they want to talk, I will be here.”

“The judgments of (CAS) three independent judges are clear, but if they want to talk, they have my phone number, they can call me directly, and I can explain that this is not a problem at all.”

“But I don’t think we have to discuss too much, because the verdict is very clear, all the hints that we are lying or cheating, the fact is not the case, we are very innocent, as the judges said.”