Guo Jingjing’s mother is”hidden and hidden”! The dress is usually like an aunt, after putting on the dress:really like a lady

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Fashion has developed rapidly. Some people like to keep up with the trend, while others like to keep their simple dress style. But no matter which style, as long as you are happy, it is the most important.

Pullovers are very common items and are omitted Buttons and zippers give a simple feel. The white pullover design pullover, loose design will not let people feel bound. Necklace stacked on the neckline fills the gap in the clothes, the semi-permeable sleeve design is very chic. With a pair of black casual pants, the overall low-key simplicity.

The gray top was originally a temperamental color, but The design of the low neckline is simple, without any shape, giving a monotonous feeling. What I don’t know is that I wore my mother’s clothes. If there are some simple shapes on the clothes, it will be much better.

Green gives a refreshing feeling, especially in summer, choose this The color will not go wrong. The neckline shirt design does not make the clothes look too casual. The skirt adopts a whole body design, which is relatively simple. If the green is clean, it will be more monotonous, but the skirt with patterns will enrich the overall shape.

The striped element is the most common element in clothes, but it is used When it is inappropriate, it is easy to make mistakes. Vertical stripes will make people look thinner, but horizontal stripes will make people feel wider. Fortunately, the light and dark design makes the combination of bright and dark clothes not too monotonous. But the whole is still simple and simple, and there is no sense of fashion.

Brown gives a calm feeling, but relatively speaking It will look old-fashioned, if you are not too old, try not to choose such a color, or you can choose a younger design. The red neckline adds some bright colors to the dull top. But overall, this dress is still too ordinary.

Mother Guo’s life is more like wearing Ordinary aunts on the street are no different, just wearing a simple light gray black round neck long sleeve, a cartoon image of a panda and two flowers on the clothes, and only a simple black slacks in the lower body. I don’t know. I really thought it was no different from the nanny around me.

The casual sweatshirt is the most common single item, sports wear Fortunately, it usually gives a low-key and easy-going feeling. When Ms. Guo went out to buy food, she wore only a simple pink T-shirt on the upper body. The lower body was paired with the most common white shorts. She also wore a pair of white sneakers of unknown brand on her feet, and then wore a brown The whole bag is ordinary to the extreme.

This outfit can be said to pick two clothes at random when going out, there is no idea of ​​wearing. But it is because of this kind of dressing without the idea of ​​dressing, showing that Mother Guo is easy-going and has no pursuit in dressing.

Although Mother Guo doesn’t care about dressing, she’s more I don’t like collocation, but I still need to dress up on some important occasions. A small button cashmere shawl is worn on the silver-white diamond skirt, and a pair of flesh-colored high-heeled shoes of the same color are stepped on the foot, wearing a The simple hair bun, so dressed, the whole person looks very noble.

Dress is an essential item for important occasions, not only It can improve the temperament of the whole person and meet the needs of the occasion. The upper part of the body is simple rose red, and the effect of age reduction is excellent. The neckline adopts a V-neck layered design, which can reveal the neck and look very spirited. The design of the flower pattern on the left shoulder instantly improves the quality of the whole skirt. The stitching black skirt is simple and chic, and the rhinestone belt gives a young and fashionable feel. After dressing up, Ms. Guo is completely the image of a lady.

Guo Jingjing and his mother are usually low-key dressed, but after formal dressing, it gives a very amazing feeling. It is completely a matter of personal preference whether to dress casually or formally, but it is amazing when you dress up.