Guoping is closed again! Liu Guoliang will magnify the move, Zhu Yuling and Chen Meng lead the ultimate battle of the Olympic list

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July 15, Beijing time According to news, after 15 days of vacation, Guoping regrouped in Lingshui, Hainan today, and began a new phase of preparations. The Tokyo Olympics were postponed for one year, and ITTF events were cancelled one after another. The President of China Table Tennis Association Liu Guoliang in order to maintain the status of the national hand, will be in 8 The Olympic simulation game was launched in May, on the one hand, to test the training situation in the previous period, and on the other hand, to prepare for the Tokyo Olympics through actual inspection team members.

Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the Chinese table tennis team conducted closed training in Macau for up to three months, which was the longest training in the team’s history. During the period, no matter the veteran Ma Long, Xu Xin, Ding Ning, or the new generation players Wang Manyu and Sun Yingsha all worked very hard, regardless of physical fitness, In terms of technology and tactics, there have been significant improvements.

On June 29, National Table Tennis ended in Guangzhou 14 After the day of quarantine, it was dissolved and the 15-day holiday began. A rare long vacation, Fan Zhendong, Xu Xin and others shared some time with their family, Lin Gaoyuan and Chen Meng returned to campus and committed to promotion Table tennis; Zhu Yuling and Sun Yingsha returned to the provincial team to continue training to maintain their feel and physical fitness.

Today, National Table Tennis ended the holiday and launched a new round of training in Lingshui, Hainan. According to the arrangement, the whole team will conduct nucleic acid testing to ensure the safety and enter the base to officially start the training rhythm.

Although the international competition is still in suspension, when to resume Knowable. As the chairman of the China Table Tennis Association, the chairman of the WTT World Table Tennis Professional League Council, and at the same time he is an athlete, Liu Guoliang knows how much the athletes are eager to return to the arena. Considering that the epidemic situation in China is relatively well controlled, Liu Guoliang plans to hold an Olympic mock competition in August.

According to Liu Guoliang, this event completely mimics the Tokyo Olympics next year. The rules and time of the competition are the same as the Tokyo Olympics, aiming to let the players feel the Olympic atmosphere in advance. Liu Guoliang emphasized that through this simulation game, on the one hand, the athletes were tested in the early stage of training, and problems were discovered through actual combat; on the other hand, through high-quality confrontation with the team members, the final list of the Tokyo Olympic Games was prepared.

At present, the competitive landscape of the Chinese men’s team is relatively clear , Ma Long, Xu Xin, and Fan Zhendong are the absolute three main forces, no surprise, they are also the best candidates for the Tokyo Olympics. The women’s team is relatively open to competition. Ding Ning and Liu Shiwen both have Olympic experience, but the former has had a lot of ups and downs in the recent state, and the particles in 2019 are not harvested. Liu Shiwen won two important championships in the World Championships and World Cup in 2019, but he has suffered serious injuries recently, and it is still unknown whether he can recover.

Sun Yingsha and Wang Manyu have made significant progress in the”back wave” and proved themselves in many competitions. Zhu Yuling, who had originally withdrawn from the main competition, announced the return of the king with the championship of the direct competition at the beginning of the year. In addition to Chen Meng, the above-mentioned golden flowers have a chance. The Tokyo Olympics will be extended for one year, which will undoubtedly give them more time. The list of women’s teams Suspenseful.

The Olympic mock competition to be played in August Ping Ping is of great importance to every soldier, especially the main force of the women’s team. Who can stand out in this event and laugh to the end, will undoubtedly take the lead in the competition of the Olympic list. The opportunity is for those who are prepared, who can laugh to the end, we will wait and see!