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“wind and waves sister,” Tuesday is due to the scene, sisters in addition to bold makeup, hair Ye Hao United States!

Bai Bing and Wu Xin especially.

A goddess, a foreign spirit.

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All have long curly hair, why are they so beautiful?

The trick is here. Although their hair is scattered, the braided hair has been added to make the look more layered.

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Source:Weibo Baibing/Weibo Bo Wuxin

Especially the hairstyle of Bing Bingzi really looks better the better.

Not only does the hair look silky and shiny, but also the hair color! Cool and refined, suitable for yellow skin to brighten skin tone.

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The hairstyle of the same group Jinsha is also very scheming, two Maruko tweeted, even with pearls on his head!

She laughed and said that it was green tea ha ha ha ha.

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The makeup of”Lang Jie” is really good Every sister’s hairstyle is particular.

Quiet short hair doesn’t look much at first glance, but it’s super ambitious.

The stylist sprayed a lot of hair spray on the back of the head, layering it layer by layer, just to make the head shape look fuller and smoother, and the queen’s aura is more sufficient.

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Huang Ling is like the most common style behind the ear In fact, a styling spray is also sprayed on the upper side of the ear to keep each hair in the best condition.

In addition, the bombing also found that everyone’s tall ponytails used the method of taking a bunch of hair in a circle to increase the solidity of the ponytail.

Many people think that this is just to cover the hair ring. In fact, the more important role is to use the thickness of the hair to ensure that the horsetail is firm and not collapse for a long time.

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Hai Lu’s Maruko Head in”beautiful love” is even more Scheming.

She doesn’t have a lot of native hair, so she made several small braids on the top of her head, increasing the height of the cranial crest, at first glance, she thought her head was really good. full.

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Exaggeration on the stage, a lot of daily life under the stage.

Sisters’ hairstyles in the practice room are mostly simple and beautiful.

One of the most popular hairstyles is the Half Tall Ponytail, which is not only very”hair volume friendly”, but also very young.

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Little double braid like Zhang Yuqi strong>, and Wu Xin’s Bubble Braid, is also very suitable for us to imitate, and it can be done in three minutes, and it is also very good.

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A book of women’s hairstyles can do more than these skills .

A few days ago, under the article of the bombing and transformation of sofa king Y, there was a request for popcorn. Can you teach more? “How to grow fast and fastMidlandStyling.”

Bentoni Fried will teach you six simple and beautiful summer hairstyles today.

No matter what your hair volume is, you can hold it.

Relax, the handicapped party will learn in a moment.

I also thoughtfully divided two different hair lengths under the chest and on the chest.

Without delay, let’s learn now!


If you have long hair like Bai Bing and Wu Xin, it will be more difficult to take care of it because the hair is too long, After tying them all up, the scalp will feel a noticeable pull, which is very uncomfortable.

Such long hair is actually more suitable for half or only a small part, which can not only reduce the sense of long hair volume, but also balance the light summer with a good balance.

No matter what kind of hair is tied, If you want to increase the airiness of long hair, you need to curl your hair first!

This is also the basic technique common to the next three hairstyles, because long straight hair is easy to appear flat and cumbersome, and the curling becomes fluffy to look fashionable.

As for more curls, you can adjust it according to your own preferences. The model’s sister, Helen, has long hair, and it will be very difficult to use a normal curling iron. She also brought a super magical automatic curling iron for this teaching.

Before starting to curl your hair, Remember to partition your long hair, the hair with a small amount of hair should be divided into two layers, and the sister with a large amount of hair needs to be divided into three layers in order to compare the curls careful.

Miss Helen’s hair volume is not much, soft and supple, just split the hair into two layers.

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Seeing that she only needs to fix the curling iron in her hair, The hair will start to wind automatically, and a medium-sized wavy texture can be formed in a few seconds. This is also a popular curl now, stylish and beautiful.

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This wave of operation is really amazing, fried next to it Watching the grass alive, immediately asked Miss Helen for the link hahahaha.

After curling the bottom layer of hair, and then curling the top layer, until every hair is guaranteed to be curled, then the first step is to do it well.

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Next enter three ultra-simple summer hairstyles , Please take the trick!

Double ponytail braids on the head

The first hairstyle was inspired by Zhang Yuqi’s training room styling. Two simple braids on the head increase the cranial crest Height, but also very young.

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This daily sense of age reduction is very reasonable It’s totally not like the ordinary double ponytail is suspected of being too prettier.

It’s very easy to do it in three steps!

Step 1-On the basis of full head curls, divide the hair into a relatively average state, and then grab a bunch of hair from the left and right foreheads and tie it into a chirp.

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Don’t think it’s over, you’re away from beautiful Qiqizi One small step.

Step 2-take another strand of hair after this strand and repeat step 1, so you will get two identical braids.

Step 3-Tie the two braids together with a rubber band.

This will not only increase the sense of hair volume, but because of the extra hair, the hairstyle becomes more three-dimensional, not easy to collapse, super scheming!

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Look at the effect after tying it, is it very good vitality?

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Half tie hair high horsetail

The inspiration for the second hairstyle came from Jinsha’s first stage show.

Half pierce ponytail is a special princess hair style, ordinary people are youthful and expensive, and it is OK with skirts or pants.

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Step 1—Hair is picked up from the ear and then Bundle overhead.

For more youthful vitality, the braids can be tied higher; for a more intellectual and noble spirit, the braids can be tied lower.

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Step 2-grab a small part from the braid Rotate around the rubber band a few times until it can’t be rolled, and then fix the hair tail with a hairpin.

In addition to blocking the unsightly rubber bands, this step can also increase the solidity of the horsetail to ensure that the height of the braid is the same as before, and it will not collapse over night.

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Even if the two steps are completed, is it very simple!

Everyone can add matching accessories according to the match of the day.

However, this method is more suitable for hair volume kings like Jinsha. If you have less hair volume, you can try the following tips.

Same as the previous step 1, first put a small braid on the top of the head, then then dig a hole in the middle, and pass the hair tail through, then put this strand Don’t worry about braids.

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Comb the hair in the ear and tie Into another high ponytail, pay attention to a little more hair.

Put this tall ponytail through the hole just now, wrap the rubber band around the rubber band with the first bunch of braids, and finally fix it with a hairpin.

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Sisters who still don’t see enough hair, canPull out the braid and fix it with a hairpin, the amount of hair will increase twice in front.

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After completing this effort, it will make your head overhead Fuller and more fluffy, it won’t collapse in a day, and the king of volume is not a dream.

This little coup, no matter which kind of high ponytail is used.

According to reliable sources, Sisters use this method as long as they pierce their horses!

In order to be more like Jinsha, Ms. Helen also put on fake bangs, and the popcorn you want to see can poke blue words to review the wig evaluation.

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Clear and refreshing head

This hairstyle is also the style I loved after watching the performance of Zhang Hanyun’s”Large Bowl Wide Noodles”!

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At first glance it seems a bit complicated, but it’s actually quite idiot to operate .

Step 1-Divide the hair into a relatively even state, and bundle a braid with a relatively large amount of hair on the top of the left and right sides.

The two braids are woven into the most basic three-strand twists, and finally fixed with rubber bands.

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Step 2-Same practice on both sides, Twist The braid takes the elastic band at the head as the core and circulates continuously until it turns into a small tuotuo, and finally fix the hair tail with the elastic band.

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Step 3-Use the curling iron to curl the front bangs To make the shape more dynamic.

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Simple Nezha this is done!

But be careful not to tie too tightly, otherwise it will be like Zhang Shaohan, feeling scalp is breathless.

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This hairstyle is also good for frying, simple and delicate Every time Zha will be asked by the editor’s sister, how is this done, it is also very beautiful!

The harm is just three steps. Let’s learn quickly.

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Long hair on the chest

In addition to the long hair under the chest, you need to take care of it. In fact, the middle and long hair near the collarbone also need to be saved in the summer. Otherwise, it will really look like Mr. Liu Huan… (not saying that Mr. Liu Huan is embarrassed)

Similarly, if your hair is soft and easy to collapse, you are making hair Remember to roll your hair well in advance to increase your hair volume!

But if your hair is the same as the egg, it is relatively thick and fluffy, and it is OK to skip the curling step.

Bubble ponytail

After last editor Y helped this bubble ponytail, many people said they liked it. In fact, I also watched Wu Xin Was inspired by this version, and today I will open the secret of this hairstyle.

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This hairstyle can also save a lot of unsightly ponytails Girls, like Yao eggs, because they straighten their hair and cut them relatively shredded, so ponytails are like cockscombs, and they are sparse and layered. They are very suffocating when viewed from the side. Colleagues say they are Ma Nanbo Jack.

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Bubble ponytail, just to help her solve this problem.

Step 1-In order to ensure that the hairstyle is 24 hours a day online, let’s blow up and teach you a little secret.

First put a half-head ponytail on top of the head, then comb the rest of the hair together, and twist the two strands into one, unity is strength, not bounce. Will collapse.

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Step 2-After ponytailing, use again Segment small rubber bands prepared in advance are tied to the horsetail.

After being tied, you can already see the prototype of the bubble!

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Step 3-The key step is here.

Every small hair circle must shrink up hard to make the hair in the two hair circles become drummed and puffy, and the shape of the small bubbles is more obvious before it looks Young and energetic.

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Step 4-curl the hair stick around the forehead bangs, Increase the sense of style.

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Step 5-FinallyRelax your scalp, let the hairstyle appear natural and fluffy, will not pull out Beijing Opera makeup because it is too tight.

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Come and enjoy the hair style of yao egg, is it still? Quite suitable for her?

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Peng Peng Maruko Head

Peng Peng Maruko Head is a very classic summer hairstyle, Yu Kewei also pierced in the practice room.

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Photo source:Weibo’s sister riding the wind and waves

Explode to teach you a simple version of the operation.

Step 1—Segment your hair and tie a ponytail on top of your head.

This step is the same as above, which can reduce the pulling pressure on the scalp with only one rubber band, to ensure that the two hairs are evenly stressed, so that the cranial crest does not collapse.

Add the remaining hair with the one that was just poked together, and pull directly into a semi-circle with a moderate shape.

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Step 2-Wrap the excess hair ends around the rubber band Turn around and fix it with the card.

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Step 3-After piercing, adjust the ball Shape, you can pull down the excess part and fix it with the hairpin.

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Three steps down, a natural and cute The ball head is tied. Medium and long hair is very suitable for this simple ball binding method, because the length is moderate, it is not easy to make mistakes.

If you want to create a different style, you can also put on any hair circle you like in the past.

Fresh boxing braid

The third hairstyle is a handsome boxing braid that everyone likes, and I like Jennie’s pictures very much, it’s really good lovely.

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Jennie’s boxing braid is actually very bullying and has a big face Can’t control it at all.

Deep fried, this is to teach you a version that will not be too close to the scalp, the size of the twist is medium, and all kinds of faces can be controlled!

Step 1-Divide the hair, leaving a small strand of bangs.

Use your hands to roughly divide the left and right sides, Remember not to be too careful, otherwise it will become unsightly because it is too deliberate.

Fix the right hair with rubber bands, so as not to interfere with the process of left hair braiding.

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Step 2-The difficult test is coming!

Starting from the top of the left side of the head, first divide a strand of hair into three strands of braided twist. Add two strands of hair each time the two strands are inserted once. And so on, tied to the ear Occasion.

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Step 3-because there is no extra hair under the ear It can be increased, so it is good to directly knit into ordinary twist braid.

Remember to finish the hair ends at the end and put them in with rubber bands, otherwise it will be easy to become a small mouth.

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After the same operation on the right, the sweet version of the boxing braid is completed ! True to its name, sweet and salty.

Whether it is paired with European and American fried streetwear or Japanese and Korean lady style, it is very suitable.

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Six It’s super easy to edit in summer. You are so smart, have you learned all about it?

Popcorn with actual combat experience, remember to hand in your homework in the background!

With this collection of sunflowers, you don’t have to worry about long hair in summer, you are the fresh and beautiful.

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