Happy Birthday

By yqqlm yqqlm

The day before yesterday, I read a poem written by the Tang Dynasty poet Liu Cha”Sunrise Fusang one foot tall, everything on the earth is as fine as hair. The wild husband was angry and saw the unevenness, and worn the eternal sword in his chest.” Very emotional!

When he was a teenager, he was full of pride and sharp edges, and by middle age, there were thousands of ravines in his heart, and his expression remained calm. Day by day, like running water, polishes us, and putting all kinds of human events on the person is an accident, which eventually becomes the love and sorrow in our memories.

In recent days, it is still very busy. There are always people coming and people leaving. I am very busy when I am busy and very busy when I am free. When idle, aerobics, yoga, reading books, watching movies, chasing dramas, exhausting myself, but my mind is surprisingly quiet, I understand more and more that”no wind and rain nor clear weather” The state, determined to live a life like a monk as calm as water, vowed to sit under the prison, and laughed that A Xiangpo got out of it this way.

But, I know, I am not a single-handed person, I am not alone, you stand behind me, assume the role of father and mother, carry this family, take care of children. I am a clumsy person, and I am ashamed to show my heart. I make a phone call every day, and you are always busy cooking, or you are in charge of your child’s studies, and I have no time to talk to me. I am always worried about the child, worrying that you will not go home on time, he is hungry; worrying that he will lie in bed to read and break his eyes; worrying that he will go to play and be abducted by the bad guys. I’m worried that you’re upset and crying, and the two are jumping from dog to dog, no personal reconciliation; I’m also worried that you can’t sleep, I’m depressed… I can’t do anything, my language is pale, my role is missing, I don’t have a sense of presence . Maybe in the eyes of children,”Mom” is a symbol, a person in the sky, a person who is optional… No matter what I do, I can’t compensate you and the child, I am missing in your life too For a long time, half a year, the child gained 25 pounds and grew 7 cm tall. Your hair is basically white and looks old.

Yesterday I knew that because you took care of your children, it affected your work and had bad results, but you didn’t want me to know, so I wouldn’t bother me. I am sad, sad. Already told the dean, I need to evacuate, the dean allowed me to leave home for 3 days.

Who said”Companionship is the longest love confession”, this sentence is really too difficult for me to do.

Today is July 14th. I called the baby in the morning and asked what day it was. Haha said it was my father’s birthday. I told him to remember to say”Happy Birthday” to my father. I called you at noon and asked what day it was. You said it was the National Day of France. Okay, after the French Revolution in 1789, the nation was founded on July 14.

Because of the previous unhappiness, I set the flag and will not give you a birthday. Today last year, when I wrote the date of the doctor’s order, I remembered it, but did not say those four words. Later, you also complained, I said, not saying does not mean not remembering.

Zhang Ailing said that what can really cure you is never time, but understanding. Love to the extreme is perfect, but also helpless.

This life is short, without you He Huan!