Harm China while earning Chinese money! my country has sanctioned hairdressing for two consecutive days

By yqqlm yqqlm

What is our reaction if we meet someone who stabbs you while doing business with you? Most people expect to fight back, and the cut-offs are small. However, this is true for everyone. As a big country, the United States is so brazen that it can’t bear it. China is the largest trading partner of the United States, but recently it has blatantly announced the sale of missiles to”an island”, and it explicitly challenges China’s sovereignty. The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced sanctions against a company and individual in the United States for two days in a row. This wave of operations is too disheartening.

What are the two waves of sanctions? Next, let’s explain. Lockheed Martin, the world’s largest arms dealer, is a senior US defense industry pillar. Since the Cold War, it has brought many advanced weapons and equipment to the United States, including F-35, F-22, and Trident ballistic missiles. Although the United States also has ACE military companies such as General Electric and Boeing, Loma is considered the ace of the ace. You say he is an enterprise and good business is not bad, but you have to violate China’s national sovereignty. Not long ago, Lockheed Martin announced that it would sell the Patriot-3 missile to”an island.” Everyone also understands the stakes, which is how painful it is to show China’s sanctions. As early as 1992, the Lockheed Martin Company sold 150 f-16v fighters to”an island” with the consent of the old Bush. At that time, it caused great unhappiness between China and the United States. But in 2017, Lockheed Martin sold 66 F-16v fighters to an island, and this year he wanted to make such”shameless” money. As the saying goes, time and time again and again, and no sanctions again, I’m afraid that Loma and the U.S. government will be embarrassed, and they will regenerate right and wrong.

Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the United States, the”Joint Communiqué” has been issued twice, and China has shown goodwill to the United States. But there are countries in the world who eat peaches and want to dig trees, frequently challenging China’s tolerance with seemingly unequal strength. The United States is shouting a Chinese slogan, but on an island issue, it has always handed a knife behind it, not only selling a large number of weapons, but also”showing” on the political stage of an island. The most terrible thing is, you said that the United States is about to phase out the F-22, but it sells the F-16V at a high price to an island. What to buy 20 years ago, and what to buy after 20 years.

China is the largest exporter of rare earths in the United States. Roma and other high-tech industries in the United States require rare earths, such as the US F-35 fighter or the Trident missile. Almost all are inseparable from rare earth. Although Loma has no direct business relationship with China, some of its components and raw materials come from China. China’s Exception PCB manufactures circuit boards for Loma’s F-35. If the sanctions against the United States this time may give a severe blow to the supply of Chinese companies such as rare earths. Although the United States also has rare earths, its refining technology is too backward. Although other countries supply, one third of the world’s rare earths are in China.

The sanctions against several politicians in the United States are even more relieved. Let’s first understand which “landlords” are. Among them is a member of the US Congress-Executive China Committee called Brown Barker, Federal Senators Cruz, Rubio and Rep. Smith. These four people are all inferior, especially this Brownback. For 20 years, it has been claimed to check the Chinese legal system and human rights, and then all kinds of smearing and making up in the world. Saying that China has waged a war on faith, it also provoked Trump to impose sanctions on Chinese officials. Saying that this ambassador, his own family can’t save their people, and there is no time for rumours. The intentions of American politicians are generally visible.

The most ridiculous thing is that when Trump ran for president 4 years ago, Trump did not like Senator Cruz, so Trump was in his own Photos of himself and Cruz’s wife were posted on social networking sites, and the exaggerated contrast is to attack the wife of the Senate. But when Trump became president, Cruz immediately turned into a”heart, liver and lungs.” Text/Sycamore