Harvard public health experts say that the US withdrawal from WHO is like firing firefighters in the event of a fire

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Cable News reported that three world-renowned public health experts said Wednesday that President Trump’s decision to withdraw his support for the World Health Organization is like firing a group of firefighters in a raging forest fire.

They likened the mistakes in the new crown to the wildfires of a serious fire.

Harvard University Barry Bloom, Dr. Paul Farmer and Eric · of the School of Public Health Dr. Rubin wrote in a comment in the New England Journal of Medicine, “Unfortunately, the (predictive) model is not perfect. The wind direction has turned in an unexpected direction. As a result, several towns were destroyed, and There are billions of dollars in losses.”

They wrote,”If you are the current US government, you shut down the Forestry Bureau in the fire. This is what the Trump administration has done to the World Health Organization. .”

Trump and his assistant WHO should be responsible for the rapid spread of the new crown. According to data from Johns Hopkins University, the current number of cases in the United States is 3.4 million, far more than any other country. Brazil ranked second with 1.9 million. The death toll in the United States is even higher, approaching 137,000.

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The three experts wrote,”To some extent On the whole, a comprehensive consideration should be made to assess why the performance of the United States is so bad, and who should be responsible for the unnecessary deaths of tens of thousands of people and the economic losses of billions of dollars.”

They Added, “But today, during the outbreak, we must assess where we are and how we can do better. In order to do this effectively, we need the WHO. We cannot commit a fire The mistake of firing firefighters at the time.”

They said that without the support of the United States, the situation of WHO would be more difficult.

They added:”The United States provides the most funding for WHO, accounting for 22%of its assessed contributions, and provides the most voluntary contributions-for example, to eradicate polio, Donations for nutrition and vaccine projects.”

Harvard University public health experts commented that quitting the WHO is equivalent to firing firefighters in a fire

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