Has the US regiment Ali Jingdong’s”three-point world” pattern been set? 6 years of ups and downs:trillion”errands” business 2020″wolves smoke” resurgence

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Every reporter:Chen Keyuan and Zhao Wenqi

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“I started as a part-time job at first, and after a few months I put down my original job and spent all my time running orders. It has been running for so long.” Recalling the rider’s life in the past 5 years, Dada expresses the rider Wang Yanli with emotion.

“Start work at more than 7 am, and return home at 8 pm. In addition to eating at noon, you are basically running orders.”

Not only that, Wang Yanli told The Daily Economy”News” reporter, in recent years, with the development of the instant delivery industry, regardless of his personal income, riding tools, mobile phone systems, and even his delivery orders, family life has undergone tremendous changes.

“When I was a rider, I always found the wrong path, but now the mobile phone positioning is particularly fast, and the route planning is particularly accurate.”

“The earliest I used a Xiaomi mobile phone, The entry-level model is currently a Huawei mobile phone, or the 5G version.”

“When I first joined the company five years ago, I borrowed money to buy a second-hand battery car, and now I have bought four electric cars at home. It is a lithium battery specially installed to run the order.”

In particular, compared with the monthly income of 3000-4000 yuan for a rider who was just five years ago, Wang Yanli basically has a monthly income of 10,000 yuan. many. Not only did he insist on running orders himself, he also brought a lot of”apprentices”, his lover is his apprentice, and a dozen friends and relatives…

Wang Yanli’s experience is the change of the instant delivery industry A microcosm.

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Takeaway picture source:Every time reporter Zhang Jianshe

Affected by the epidemic, this year may be a challenging year for the entire logistics industry, but the focus is on immediate The field of distribution also has a more special meaning this year.

On the one hand, through the special period of the outbreak at the beginning of the year, the user education and digitalization of instant delivery have been greatly improved; on the other hand, players in the field of instant delivery also have in 2020 Profound changes have made the market fierce and unprecedented.

On the beginning of the second half of 2020, Are you hungry announced on July 10 Upgrade, from the food and beverage delivery platform to the life service platform, from delivering food to”delivering everything”, the tentacles extend to the entire local life field; this is Ali’s further cooperation with Meituan opened the”close combat”. Meituan Dianping’s frequent upgrades to retail sales in the same city have made record highs this year. After the market value first broke through trillions of Hong Kong dollars in June, brokerages are still frequently updating their target prices.

Not only that, in June of this year, Dada Group, the”first stock of instant delivery” was successfully listed on the NASDAQ in the United States and stirred up”a pool of spring water” again; as you can see, in March this year Since then, travel giants such as Didi and Hello have also started cross-border disruptions and launched the”errand” business. Click Me was also officially acquired by Alibaba’s Cainiao Network in March this year. These are like a new stage The gunshot of the launching of the launch pushed the entire instant distribution industry into the second half in a tsunami trend.

It can be seen that after the reshuffle of the early”Hundred Regiments War”, the”survivors” of instant delivery such as hungry, hummingbird delivery, and point-and-go are all deeply integrated into the giants. In the local life system of the country; or, as the Dada teamed up with Jingdong Daojia, a subdivision track for supermarkets and fresh food distribution was opened; and Outside the major camps, they are independent, still insisting on their unique”one-to-one urgent delivery, refused to fight orders” concept of flash delivery. After all, how will their second half be interpreted? What are the possible variables and divisions of the strategy, tactics and ranking of the giants’ new stage?

Recently, the reporter of”Daily Economic News” exclusively interviewed the founders of the head companies such as Dada Group, Hungry Me, Meituan and Flash, and related direct business leaders.

Instant delivery in the era of”survival in troubled times” seems to have set the pattern, but in fact it is still undercurrent, which may set off a new wave of change around the upstream and downstream of the entire local life at any time. For players who survived the first half, the test has just begun.

In 2014, the scale of the industry has increased by more than 14 times in 6 years

How are the “survivors” in the O2O era?

Although instant delivery has become the standard for e-commerce services, it is even regarded as a killer tool to win the”service war” in the new consumer era, but reviewing the development process of the instant delivery industry is far from This is currently being valued.

Take the origin of the industry’s iconic event of the listing representative of Dada Group in 2020 as the “first stock of instant delivery”. In 2014, when Dada was just established, the instant delivery industry was still in its infancy. At that time, there were few people talking about instant delivery, and more attention was paid to O2O.

In terms of the hottest takeaways in the same period, Internet giants such as Me Hungry, Meituan Takeout, and Baidu Takeaway had already occupied more than half of the takeaway market share. The”2016 China Takeout O2O Industry Development Report” released by iResearch in the early years shows that the scale of China’s catering O2O market in 2014 has reached 111.44 billion yuan.

Looking back at the instant delivery market, iResearch’s “China Instant Logistics Industry Research Report” released in 2019 shows that the scale of China’s instant logistics industry in 2014 was only 11.03 billion yuan, which was comparable to the scale of the Chinese catering O2O market at that time. The difference is as much as 10 times.

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Photo source:”Ai Rui Consulting:2019 China Instant Logistics Industry Research Report”

By 2019, the scale of China’s instant logistics industry has reached 131.26 billion yuan, and is expected to be 2020 It reached 170.08 billion yuan annually, and the scale of the industry grew more than 14 times in 6 years.

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Photo source:”Ai Rui Consulting:China Real-time Logistics Industry Research Report 2020″

“When I joined Dada in the early years (July 2015), the main delivery The orders are food and beverage delivery and milk tea, and there are very few other types of orders. Later, with the development of the platform, such as cake and flower orders, supermarket fresh orders, and even mobile phone digital orders, etc., gradually increased.” Wang Yanli was interviewed by a reporter When indicated.

Ai media consulting data also shows that the number of real-time logistics orders increased from 760 million orders in 2014 to 22.84 billion orders in 2020, an increase of 29 times.

It’s worth noting that 2014 was also the year when instant delivery began to explode.

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The reporter of”Daily Economic News” combed through the Qixinbao database and sorted out the industrial and commercial registration and cancellation lists of real-time distribution related companies in the past ten years (2010-2020). >In the past ten years, there have been 922 newly registered companies related to instant delivery, and 172 companies have died (deregistered).

Among them, although Meituan and the hungry delivery team were registered in 2010, the number of newly established companies in 2010, 2011, and 2012 does not exceed Of the 30, only 46 were established in 2013.

After 2014, with the rise of the O2O concept and the emergence of food and beverage delivery, the”run errand” track began to flood with a large number of entrepreneurs:the number of registered companies reached 155. This year, not only Dada broke out, including instant delivery and instant retail enterprises such as flash delivery, Mr. Feng, Linqu, Daily Fresh, etc. were established in this year.

In 2015, the peak of entrepreneurship was ushered in, and the number of establishments reached 230; until 2018, startup companies in the field of instant delivery maintained the registration rate of more than 100 registered companies every year.

For this reason, many insiders referred to 2014 as the instant delivery industry and the first year of the development of the takeaway industry.

Why is 2014?

“When Dada recruited delivery staff in 2014, it caught up with the last wave of delivery staff without smartphones. Almost after that time, no one on the street had a smartphone The mobile payment was also solved at that time, and several of the most important foundations were available at that time.” Recalling the market environment when starting a business, Kada Jiaqi, founder and CEO of Dada Group, accepted the”Daily Economic News” The reporter said happily in the interview.

According to Jiajia Qi, 2014 was the first year of the development of the takeaway industry, and Dada just stood on the tuyere, which also built the foundation for the development of the instant delivery industry.

Or because of this, by 2015, when the O2O industry entered the 100-team battle, the number of entrants in the instant delivery track increased further. Not only have new faces like UU errands, Dian Wo Da, etc., Dada, Flash Send, Neighbour, etc. also received capital blessings this year. What is more noteworthy is that the former delivery giants have also started to establish their own instant delivery teams, including Meituan under Meituan, Hummingbird under Hungry, and Baidu under Baidu.com. knight.

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However, all the strong powers must have success or failure.

After six years of industry turmoil and ebb and flow, what the industry still remembers is that Baidu takeaway was acquired by Hungry in 2017; Hungry was also purchased by Ali for USD 9.5 billion in 2018 A wholly-owned acquisition; in 2018, Meituan also successfully listed on Hong Kong stocks. At this point, the giant ecosystem of instant delivery has gradually formed, and the startup companies that have swarmed into it have also entered the stage of”industry shuffle.”

Qixinbao’s data shows that In 2019, there were only 62 newly established companies in the field of real-time distribution, and the number of company cancellations reached 78, setting a historical record. The number of company cancellations in 2019 also exceeded the number of establishments for the first time .

In addition to the business cancellation data, other small and medium players, such as Mr. Feng, who announced the C round of financing since 2017, although the current business information is still displayed as surviving, it has been nearly It has not been heard for 3 years; Everyone Express, Neighbourhood and Express Service announced a strategic alliance in 2019 to hold a group, and at the end of 2019, Everyone Express was exposed to abnormal operations and became the Supreme People’s Court The untrustworthy company announced; Dianda was wholly acquired by Alibaba’s Cainiao Network in March 2020.

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Events in the instant delivery industry

Photo source:”Meituan Distribution:2019 China Instant Delivery Industry Development Report”

As a result, on the instant delivery track There are only flash delivery and UU errands, and Dada has maintained independent development. Of course, Dada Group actually completed the merger with JD Daojia, a subsidiary of JD Group, as early as 2016.

And among these startups, there is another company independent of the giant ecosystem that cannot be ignored, that is, focusing on the”one-to-one urgent delivery” flash delivery of the C-end market.

This company, also established in 2014, is also the third venture of co-founder Yu Hongjian of Flash Delivery. His unique insights and predictions about the logistics industry make him the number one in instant delivery A group of entrepreneurs.

In the past six years, watching Hong Kong competitors have been crushed in the wheel of history, or attached to the giant ecology has become an indispensable jigsaw in the local life strategy planning, and Yu Hongjian is filled with emotion.

Especially in the first half of 2020, the sudden outbreak detonated the demand for home, and then Ida was taken into the bag by Ali, and then Dada was the first stock for immediate delivery. Jian is more determined that immediate delivery is promising and has reached the golden period early.

The entry of giants has accelerated the development of user education and habits, and the catalysis of the epidemic has brought instant delivery to the golden period of development 3-5 years in advance. But even so, the current The instant delivery market is still in the early stage, each company is still looking for its own incremental market, dividing the focus points according to the service customer group, and benefiting from each other.” Yu Hongjian accepted the exclusive”Daily Economic News” reporter exclusive In an interview.

It is worth mentioning that the real-time distribution market has changed in recent years. When the giants entered the game deeply, the flash delivery shuttle on the gradually crowded runway still has a unique foothold. In August last year, Flashing launched a”one-on-one urgent delivery, refused to fight the single-flanking””flank war”, is also considered to be a philosopher of survival in the chaotic world when giants are standing and”expansion” becomes the mainstream.

In Hongjian’s view, instant delivery is still just a new thing, and it is difficult to judge with historical eyes. In view of the scale growth in recent years, the overall scale of instant delivery will be much larger than that of express delivery, and in the future, it will also stimulate many new business scenarios and forms.

“Although the pattern of the giants has been determined, different companies still make a difference in the segmented market.” He said.

“AJM” continues to be overweight

The pattern of instant delivery”three points of the world” has been decided?

It can be seen that although it has only been more than six years, the real-time distribution industry has undergone multiple rounds of reshuffling. For both the industry and the individual,”change” has become every Keyword of the year.

Li Xin, Vice President of Ali’s local life and head of the hummingbird ready-to-serve business, interviewed by a reporter from”Daily Economic News” to talk about the changes in 2020 and believe that during the epidemic (also during the Spring Festival), home delivery needs Generally, it will decline, but the effective orders for retail sales in January-February this year have increased against the trend in the same period in 2019. Especially, the demand for instant delivery of the”full category” has been greatly improved. It can be said that the industry opportunities are huge.

“In particular, fresh food, the market size of the fresh food industry in 2018 was nearly 5 trillion, and the number of active user orders for hummingbirds and fresh food in the first quarter of 2019 exceeded the full year of 2018, with a year-on-year growth rate of 384%; In terms of order volume and number of merchants, the third- and fourth-tier cities are 1.4 and 1.49 times that of first-tier cities, respectively.” Liu Xinyang said.

It is emphasized that whether it is catering, supermarket, fresh food, or other new retail industries, it is not just all offline operators who have a huge disruption in the perception and demand for instant delivery, In addition, consumers have a large demand for fast-moving consumer goods in supermarkets, pharmacy-compliant drugs, vegetables, and fresh food. Their demand and perception of instant delivery are also changing.

At the same time, an increasingly obvious trend is:E-commerce giants are also increasingly interested in cakes in the local life market.

Especially from the market performance in the past two years. In 2019, Meituan’s delivery under Meituan and Hummingbird’s delivery under Hungry Mo have successively announced independent brands, and they have begun to target immediate delivery space beyond the takeaway errand. And in 2020, from Dianwoda acquired by Ali’s Cainiao Network, to being hungry, it has been fully upgraded to become a life service platform, which further means that Ali and Meituan will further start”close combat”.

This is also the most intuitive presentation of the 618 e-commerce battle this year.

As the first national shopping carnival after the epidemic, when the local life platform linked the e-commerce giant”10,000 coupons together”, instant delivery also became an indispensable part of the logistics army. It is like a tentacle, connected to the deepest part of the platform and consumers.

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Real-time distribution hotspot business scene

Photo source:”Meituan Distribution:2019 China Real-time Distribution Industry Development Report”

It is understood that during Jingdong 618, Real-time delivery turnover increased by more than 130%month-on-month; among them, on June 18, the first Huawei nova 7 SE 5G mobile phone was delivered to users in just 10 minutes.

Hungry? On June 1st, local lifestyle businesses such as KFC, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, and others who joined Tmall 618 sold 10 million coupons in just 20 minutes. The sales volume of the consumer medical sector exceeded 10 million yuan in less than an hour, a year-on-year increase of 265%. In addition, the chain of supermarket delivery orders increased by 260%month-on-month.

Suning launched a brand-new cloud store channel during 618 of this year, providing 1-hour service. Suning’s home business increased orders by 510%during 618, helping offline department store sales increase by 128%year-on-year, of which online orders accounted for 20%.

Meituan Dianping joined hands with the Hotel Association to open the first Chinese takeaway festival during 618 this year, and launched promotional activities in 4,000 online stores in five cities:Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, and Ningbo. And for the first time, try live streaming of food and beverage delivery.

As the first share of instant delivery, the Dada Group’s 618 battle report data shows that the group’s local instant retail platform JD Daojia has reached a historical peak in 618 single-day sales, doubling the year-on-year growth; its local The delivery order volume of the instant delivery platform Dada Express also ushered in an explosive growth, with nearly 10 million orders delivered in the same city in a single day. As of 15:20 on the same day of 618, the delivery order volume exceeded the whole day last year.

What you can see is that instant delivery to e-commerce has now become the”vanguard” of service competition among giant players.

With the listing of Dada Group this year, not only has it put itself on top of the”first-in-time retail” halo, to some extent, for the instant delivery industry, this It means that among the batch of instant delivery players who have tried to compete with Meituan and Hungry for the market cake after being taken back by the giants or dissipated outside the historical wave alone, some people have finally walked out of the road of independent listing.

Therefore, some industry analysts believe that in the real-time distribution track, the startup companies that once ran out of scale have been basically”received” by the giants. The industry has entered the era of group military operations, and the real-time distribution field has been set.

“Today, there are three main players on the national local instant delivery platform.” Kuai Jiaqi also said in an affirmative tone in an interview with a reporter from”Daily Economic News”.

But Kuai Jiaqi also pointed out that even when standing on the same big track, Dada Group does not actually do the same thing compared with other players in the industry.

This is easy to understand. At present, on the basis of building an instant delivery network, Dada Group is mainly to empower the supermarket; and the main object of the Meituan and Hungry service is the catering enterprise.

“Empowering supermarkets and catering takeaways is a completely different concept.” Kui Jiaqi said, for example, a typical supermarket has at least tens of thousands of product categories, and the number of catering takeaways is the same. There is no comparability at all. In addition, food and beverage takeaways do not need to consider inventory issues like supermarkets.

In the process of interviewing Jiajia Qi, the reporter noticed that when it comes to the core competitiveness of instant delivery, what Jiajiaqi said the most was the performance efficiency. In his view, the reason why performance is emphasized rather than simply delivery is because delivery is only one of the links in the performance process. What Dada Group is doing is to build a complete performance solution from inventory management to picking, packaging, handover, and distribution.

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Photo source:”Meituan Distribution:2019 China Instant Delivery Industry Development Report”

In fact, if you want to disassemble Dada Group’s instant delivery business, Dada Express, Its core business modules can be divided into three major service systems:”instant distribution”,”landing distribution” and”personal distribution”.

Among them,”instant delivery” refers to the omni-channel real-time performance service provided by JD Daojia, Walmart, Yonghui and other platforms and supermarkets;”landing delivery” refers to Dada Express Provides comprehensive solutions for logistics platforms such as Jingdong Logistics, Debon Express, and Jitu Express from the site to the end of the user’s end; while the personal business is Dada Express for individual user needs, provided within the same city”help Send””buy” and other services.

It can also be seen that even in the broad concept of instant delivery, the three giants of “AJM” may have formed from the market size to the group ecology, but focusing on the subdivision track, but It is not without a place for other players.

For this reason, when talking about the different players and layout measures in the real-time distribution market, Yu Hongjian also told reporters:”Everyone does something similar but not similar.”

“Dada and Dianda, including flash delivery, have been established for about the same time, but in different directions. Dada’s core income comes from JD Daojia and Wal-Mart. It is also the story of the supermarket type. The delivery of the supermarket type is also short-distance, but it is also different from the takeaway, so Dada does another thing. In the past, Dada did more delivery and flash delivery. Now The intersection is getting smaller and smaller, and the direction after the listing has also changed.” Yu Hongjian believes.

Just as the prosperity of e-commerce brought a ten-year”golden age” for express delivery companies, Yu Hongjian likened it to metaphors. Also in the express delivery industry, a giant ecological”accessible system” was formed. To form an ecological SF in its own right. Today, instant delivery seems to have been in a state of long-term fighting between giants and startups, but in fact, in terms of content and methods of service, it has moved to a more segmented market.

Yu Hongjian believes that when the giants have formed different ecosystems in the subdivision of food delivery, supermarket distribution, etc., flash delivery wants to find another way to become an industry benchmark for high-quality services in the field of instant delivery, users, Delivery staff and platforms are all their own.

“The core of flash delivery still has a place now is that it is valuable to customers. The”one-to-one urgent delivery refused to fight orders” for C-end users is a very small market for giants, but in the whole It is also indispensable in the instant delivery industry.” Yu Hongjian said.

“Old Cannon” entrenches, new players enter the field

Instant delivery fires in the second half of the game

Reviewing the development history of instant delivery is not long, we can see that the discussion about instant delivery is inseparable from the strategic mergers and acquisitions of giants, market competition and price wars between startup companies. And entering 2020, a year destined to be recorded in history, the instant delivery market is also undergoing great changes.

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Takeaway picture source:Every time reporter Zhang Jianshe

As Yu Hongjian said, now is an opportunity and a new opportunity for real-time delivery to deeply affect life and business scenarios In the era, the maturity of real-time logistics and distribution will completely stimulate the original business scenarios that do not meet the conditions but have needs, and complete the replacement of the production relationship.

In Hongjian’s view, The growth of logistics and the stimulation of service scenarios will inevitably lead to the emergence of new business models, and in this environment, the city’s retail landscape may change.

“Take mobile payment as an example. The development of mobile payment has caused changes in many scenarios now. For example, water, electricity and coal fees can be paid online, which was unthinkable in the past, because The emergence of this infrastructure has triggered changes in work scenarios. Logistics is also the future. Urban logistics must be the world of instant logistics. Under this trend, the improvement of efficiency and service quality, including the diversification of service scenarios will inevitably bring many new Changes in business scenarios, in turn, will feed new retail, allowing new retail to produce new changes in the scene, and companies that are not online will also quickly move online.” Yu Hongjian said.

“In the past 20 years, the development of e-commerce has been divided into three stages. One is the long-distance e-commerce, that is, the inventory is at least thousands of kilometers away from consumers, and the delivery takes days or weeks; the second is In close-range e-commerce, the distance between the inventory and the consumer is 100 kilometers, and it can be reached on the same day or the next day. Third, the macro e-commerce, the inventory is within three kilometers of the consumer, and the delivery takes only 30 minutes to one hour.”In an interview with the”Daily Economic News” reporter, Jiajia Qi said that this is the biggest trend in the development of e-commerce in China.

Obviously, according to Kua Chi-chi, now belongs to the”macro e-commerce”, which is the era of local instant retail. Or because of this, a new round of predators began to enter the game.

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Photo source:”Ai Media Report|2019 China Instant Delivery Market Research Report”

As during the epidemic, Didi, a giant in the travel field, launched a new function of”running leg”. 21 cities including Xi’an have launched errand service; soon afterwards, Hello Travel set up a new project”Hello Express”, which is currently being tested in Dongguan and Foshan.

Even with the experience of breaking the local life, Baidu has been looking for a”return” opportunity. Following the launch of the”Service Center” on the Android side at the end of April, Baidu also launched the service center entrance on the iOS side on May 30, including 9 fixed entrances including courier service and home delivery.

At the same time, SF Express focuses on the delivery service for the enterprise employee market through the same city’s low-profile group meal platform”Feng Shi”. Although SF Express currently only serves internally, it is only for 3 years. Prior to launching the same-city shipping service, it was an independent brand formally launched last year, and SF Express’s ambitions for instant delivery are also being exposed.

When it comes to instant delivery, Meituan and Ali are always hungry giants. In 2019, after Meituan and Hungry both upgraded their independent delivery platforms, these two rely on The distribution platform that has taken off delivery has also set its sights on the larger market.

In an interview with a reporter from”Daily Economic News”, Liu Xinyang said that the biggest change in a year on an independent distribution platform is that the distribution of hummingbirds ranges from”delivering meals” to”delivering everything”. Continue to cut deep in the field of life services and explore wider boundaries for local life services.

What remains unchanged is that in the local life of Ali, the strategic positioning of Hummingbird has always been to support the local commercial life and the necessary commercial infrastructure in the new retail scenario. As a local real-time distribution network, Hummingbird and Hungry provide the digital operation capabilities for merchants, which has become a new grasp and an indispensable new infrastructure for the local life service industry to save itself. In the future, Hummingbird Distribution will further open up its capabilities and empower more businesses with timely delivery needs in the society.

Wei Wei, general manager of Meituan Distribution, told reporters of the”Daily Economic News” after the first anniversary of the independent brand’s launch in May this year that Meituan distribution has been used for catering and non-meal meals in the past year. After many new attempts, it is also expanding with upstream business flows, whether it is flash sales business category expansion, as well as internal Meituan grocery shopping, including customers in various industries on the market. At present, the proportion of non-food items delivered by Meituan is gradually increasing. In the future, Meituan’s delivery goal is to serve 1 billion consumers and complete 100 million deliveries per day.

This also means that a new round of expansion of the full-category market that is not limited to the food and beverage delivery field is coming.

In April this year, Tmall supermarket was upgraded to the same city retail business group, integrating the hungry new retail business that originally belonged to the local life service company into this business group; in the same month, JD.com established Dashang Super Omni Channel Business group, integrating the original JD supermarket, consumer products business department, new channel business department, 7FRESH and No. 1 store.

According to media sources, the next phase of Meituan’s flash sale business, which focuses on”30-minute home delivery”, aims to achieve an annual turnover of 100 billion yuan, and the current annual turnover is a few tens of billions of dollars. . At the first anniversary conference of the Meituan distribution brand’s independence in May, Wang Puzhong, the president of Meituan Daojia Business Group, also stated that Meituan Distribution’s total delivery orders in 2019 reached 7.6 billion orders, and it will be more open in the next year. Industry chain ecology.

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Photo source:Every reporter Zhang Jianshe

What you can see is that Local life services are nothing more than”clothing, food, housing, travel”, and At the moment, instant delivery is once again the key to breaking the game.

For this, Liu Xinyang said, In the future, instant delivery will become a real”infrastructure”, just like the people’s livelihood of water, electricity and coal, people’s lives are inseparable. With instant delivery service, the merchant’s business is also inseparable from instant delivery service. Real-time delivery can achieve this and succeed. “The future competition will definitely become more and more intense, which also shows that the industry is moving towards health.”

Accelerated market segmentation

The business of running errands is not that simple.

There were old players entrenched before, and new giants entered the game. Facing the increasingly fierce competition, instant delivery once again stood in the upper hand. But it can also be seen that, compared to the previous immediate delivery form, today’s”errand” business is no longer a simple”one person, one car, one platform” can be completed.

For this, Liu Xinyang told reporters that from the perspective of the development of the instant distribution industry, the industry is entering a new round of iterations and upgrades, and more non-standardized requirements are gradually being incorporated into the instant distribution industry. This is not only a challenge to industry practitioners, but also a huge opportunity facing the industry.

“Hummingbirds are more concerned with the digitization of the industry they serve in the process,” said Liu Xinyang. In his view, The biggest difference between the instant distribution industry and traditional logistics is that it pays more attention to digitalization and digital intelligence, and further improves the service system. The comprehensive implementation of these two aspects is the fundamental way to improve the efficiency of this industry.

Regarding how to view the profit prospects of instant delivery companies, Liu Xinyang believes that profit is not the purpose, to create value for companies and customers, and to provide complete digital industry solutions they really need. It is the core problem of the instant delivery industry, and then it is natural to create value and profit.

“In English, this is Heavy Lifting, just like weightlifting, it is really hard work, there is no way to save time, you just have to spend years and retailers targeting stores Optimize these links, do the dirtiest and most tiring things together, and do the most solid system transformation. This is what we have done in the past few years.” Kua Jiaqi also told reporters that if JD Daojia did the most in the past few years The main thing, nothing else, is that.

In addition, Kua Jiaqi also emphasized to reporters that what Dada Group will do afterwards is still to make the performance of the contract better. In his view, the essence of retail is the supply chain. The creation of a supply chain for any category will require more than ten years or even decades of accumulation. This is a retailer’s strength, and Dada Group’s advantage lies in its compliance. Therefore, compliance and technical empowerment are still the main development direction of Dada Group.

According to the”2019 China Instant Delivery Market Research Report” released by AiMedia Consulting, China’s instant delivery market has more than 400 million users in 2019. Instant delivery has the advantage of speed and convenience. With the development of near-field e-commerce and the upgrade of consumer experience, the demand for instant delivery will continue to increase, and there is still room for growth in the size of users in this market in the future.

getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=1d86b10dda54168fafb69903475a720e - Has the US regiment Ali Jingdong's"three-point world" pattern been set? 6 years of ups and downs:trillion"errands" business 2020"wolves smoke" resurgence

Photo source:”AiMedia Report|2019 China Instant Delivery Market Research Report”

“Instant delivery is infrastructure, but on top of the infrastructure, more will be derived Possibility. The more complete the infrastructure, the more solid the above buildings will be.” said Jiajia Qi, Chinese e-commerce has developed to the stage of instant retail, and 80%of retail still occurs offline, instant retail and retail The local e-commerce will be the biggest historical opportunity.

In terms of market space, Kua Jiaqi further stated that the entire supermarket market is 3 trillion, which is already very large, and the Dada Group has just started.

But it’s not just supermarkets, every retail segment will be online, and the optimization of each category on the supply side is a very important thing, but Dada Group is the most The format of the business supermarket that I started to choose is the most difficult to eat. It is understood that since April this year, Dada Group has also begun to exert efforts in the field of mobile digital.

In addition, talking about the new trend of instant delivery brought by this year’s epidemic, Liu Xinyang believes that the market space for fresh food and supermarkets in the third and fourth line sinking markets will be further opened, and this industry can Acquire massive new users at a lower cost.

“This is also a more interesting opportunity. At the same time, the merchants in the third and fourth tier sinking markets have relatively low understanding of online management methods and methods of operation, so how to let more merchants Understanding and accepting the service mode of instant delivery and opening the door to online operations for them is a goal we set in the process of advancing the sinking market.” Liu Xinyang said.

getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=0684831d8a92edf4a55278042a3f51cc - Has the US regiment Ali Jingdong's"three-point world" pattern been set? 6 years of ups and downs:trillion"errands" business 2020"wolves smoke" resurgence

Picture source:pictures for enterprises

“The epidemic has stopped many enterprises, and it is a time window for every instant delivery company. It improves management efficiency and provides services. Improve and prepare for the next run faster. No money can be burned during the epidemic, and it has slowed down. When it is time to fight for internal strength, as long as you can survive for a long time, the winner is king.” Yu Hongjian said.

Reporter’s Notes丨 Instant Delivery is looking forward to the new”Golden Decade”

10 years ago, no one might have thought, even I am not a”millionaire”, but I can still”employ” people to run errands even with meals, grocery shopping, and documents. In 2010-2020, with the popularization of communication networks and smart phones, and the innovation of business models, the”lazy economy” quietly became popular, making all this commonplace.

“Minute-level” delivery, regular delivery, and similar real-time delivery services have now become the standard service of major e-commerce platforms. At the same time, it has gradually become an indispensable organic city logistics The components are tightly tied to everyone’s daily life.

Compared to the express delivery business with a fixed process, whether it is a”crowdsourcing” flexible employment model, or an on-call, point-to-point personalized service model, instant delivery has become the existing logistics system. Important addition. As the capillary of urban logistics, instant delivery has also penetrated into every gap in people’s daily life.

It can be seen that in 2020, a sudden epidemic disrupted people’s lives, but even at the beginning of the most severe epidemic prevention situation, the instant delivery brother became a”full house” Only one of the few channels for outside contact.

Under this background, from food delivery, to supermarket delivery, to home department stores, mobile phone 3C, flower gifts…one person, one car, one city, the opportunities and opportunities behind instant delivery Infinite possibilities are being inspired step by step.

Just as the e-commerce boom brought the golden decade of express delivery, the market size and imagination of instant delivery may be more than the former. With the layout of giants and the evolution of new retail models, it also welcomes Here comes the beginning of a new round of golden age.

Instant delivery, the new decade is coming.

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