He is”China’s chief male model”, because of his appearance by the British rich woman, 49-year-old like a small fresh meat

By yqqlm yqqlm

I don’t know if you noticed it. There are many Chinese models on many international fashion weeks. No matter male or female models, the number is still relatively large. Many people also feel very proud of this. Chinese models still have a place in the world.

When it comes to China’s famous male model, you may think of it first Is Hu Bing, he is indeed a relatively early model, and he is now almost fifty years old, and is also considered to be in the modeling world Old senior.

Hu Bing’s background is better, he has been very fond of sports since childhood He was also a sports student when he was studying. Originally, he could participate in the competition as a national sports player, but in the end, because of physical problems, he could only give up his dream of being an athlete.

Because of persistent exercise, Hu Bing’s body is very good, Muscle lines are very superior, this figure feels born to be used as a model, plus Hu Bing is also very handsome, and soon someone asked him to sign a model.

After Hu Bing stepped into the model circle and embarked on At the beginning, all kinds of show fields were still some not-so-known show fields, but slowly Hu Bing’s fame grew and became more and more popular. Many brands took a fancy to this model, so Hu Bing began to take the international show. In the field, there are many luxury brands who will also invite him to become a model, which is simply hot.

Everyone says that Hu Bing is”China’s chief male model”, this The title is also worthy of his long work. Hu Bing is now 49 years old, but judging from his figure and face, it is not surprising that he is in his early twenties. Such conditions are better than many small fresh meats. This is also related to his insistence on exercising. Hu Bing is usually very self-disciplined, such a man is really very attractive.

In fact, there are still a lot of people who pursue Hu Bing’s opposite sex, but many people don’t know if Hu Bing is married or not. Hu Bing is a rich British lady because of his handsome appearance. Fancy, but Hu Bing did not agree. Hu Bing is now a family, and has a very beautiful daughter, a family of three very happy, Hu Bing is now a real winner in life.