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The sinking of the Titanic is a huge disaster for mankind, but for the seafood living in the restaurant on board, it is a miracle of life. (Look at the problem from multiple angles)

——Guo Degang

I accidentally heard a story.

Children who hate mice complain to their mothers, frowning and holding their heads, sentence after sentence.

My mother only said one sentence:”For humans, they are thieves, but for them, they are foraging.”

Very cute story,

Don’t remember the source, don’t remember the time.

However, when I first heard it, I felt a little throbbing.

Haina rivers, why the sea can hold rivers?

Not because the sea is big, not because the sea is deep, but because the posture of the sea is low. (Modesty)

——Yu Qian

There are a lot of residents in the sea.

The waves are tumbling,


It’s the sea that is tempering.

You say crosstalk is not mainstream, you say light sticks belong only to concerts, you say tradition and fashion must inevitably confront each other, then I tell you, standing on tradition, creating fashion, being lonely and fearless , This is my cross talk. (Tradition and Popularity, Innovation, Pioneer)

——Zhang Yunlei

Life is like that Short,

Life is so long,

There are always things that are worth a lifetime.

Some self-righteous,

Just break.

Once some people miss it, they will never be seen again in their next life. (Treasure)

——Shang Jiuxi

The transparent glass room is overgrown Rose,

The red fence is full of wild chrysanthemums,

The stars in the sky are always bright,

The people on the ground will run,

< p>Meet,

Remember to cherish.

While the King of Chu is inevitable, Wujiang will succumb, and the King of Han is weak, but there are thousands of miles of mountains and rivers.

Full of meridian hair and white hair are not the only ones, only to learn from the young teenagers,

the first Poor and then rich, there are rich first and then poor,

Jiaolong did not meet between the fish and shrimp, the gentleman lost his hand under the villain when he lost time,

The days are not days and months There is no light, and the plants and trees do not grow when the ground is out of season.

The water is not up to the wind and waves, and the people are out of luck.

The life is covered,

The rich cannot be Move, poor and cheap can’t be bullied,

This is the cycle of the sky, and the one who starts over again. (Fate)


If fate forgets you,

You can be angry, you can cry,

But Remember,

Don’t forget yourself in the long wilderness of life



People have to have thoughts and expectations. As long as you have expectations, you can not lose your love for life. (Dream and future)

——Zhang Jiunan

The sun is actually very warm,


The moon is actually very bright,

The stars can be brilliant,

The white clouds can be dreamy,

The time never stays,

Spring, summer, autumn and winter rotation,

There are so many scenery,


Remember to love.

We are all young people, but we are sometimes pessimistic. We should not give up ourselves. We have a lot of energy. Both positive and negative should encourage the move forward. Young people should not forget their roots. Even if there are too many obstacles, we should not be young. (Youth, dreams)

——Sun Jiufang

You should sing the song of spring day when you are young, look at the summer scene, listen to the rain in autumn, and enjoy the snow in winter .

Youth should have dreams and hopes on your shoulders.

If you are tired, take a break, but remember to live up to your youth and encourage you to move forward.

Time will only be reserved for those who are prepared, so I don’t want to continue to be a person whose corners are gradually worn away by time. (Efforts, Opportunities)

——Liu Xiaoting

Don’t forget the original self in time,

If you never remember,

Who will remember?


White water quenches thirst than drinks,

Beverages taste better than white water,

For you,

I just like it,

I like simple things,

I dance with the spring breeze,

Walk with Qiuyue,

Go to the mountains and rivers,

Across the lake and the sea,

Just for,

Meet you.

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